3 Games in and a look at the future!!!

First let me ask how Denver who came in 2nd in the division gets one of the HARDEST SCHEDULES in the NFL , while the Chargers play Arizona , Raiders and Rams in the next 3 weeks???  Denver always gets screwed while opening up on the road to start the season , if we play Jacksonville in Denver it is a Win.   

I also believe that if we had Elvis Dumervil , Denver could be 3-0 right now.   He had 17 Sacks last year!!!!!!

Ok now that that is over , let me give you some thoughts on this year and next.

Denver still controls it's Destiny this year.    Denver has to win it's Division Games.  If Denver can go 6-0 or 5-1 in the Division then they will be in Great shape to make The Playoffs.   San Fran , Rams , Arizona all look like very winnable games.

My prediction is that Denver finishes 9-7 or 10-6 and has a good chance to make the Playoffs.

Bill Williamson of ESPN - Football today believes that Denver is 1 Offseason away from being a very good team.  He cited that Kyle Orton's play bodes well for Denver in the future and said that Denver has a very good Offensive System in Place.

Things Denver needs to fix this year.  

I am sick and tired of hearing how bad our Oline is.  This is REDICULOUS.   If anything starting 3 Players who never played 1 down in the NFL and still leading the league in Passing is AMAZING.  I think that if Maroney just made that 1 foot more to score a TD nobody would be complaining.  I think that Stanley Daniels , JD Walton and Zane Beadles have all performed very well and that the Future is Bright on the Oline.    These 3 guys are playing against grown men who have a ton of NFL experience.  So give them a little time in the run game.

I do hope that Knowshon Moreno came come back from his injury and be 100% this year.  I love the trade for Lawerence Maroney.  Yes Maroney was a little rusty in his 1st Game this year but he was a STEAL.   Hopefully he will resign with the team and become a great 1-2 punch with Knowshon.

Looking ahead to the future and next year.     I think Denver will finish about 9-7 and have about the 15th Pick in the NFL Draft next year.  I think that McDaniels was right for trading away Brandon Marshall and we should get a EXCELLENT Player with Miami's 2nd Round Pick this year.

Team Needs Going into 2011 -  

Safety -   Brian Dawkins is still a warrior but isn't the impact player he was years ago and might have 1 year left???  Renaldo Hill is by far my least impressive player on Defense , he rarely makes any plays of importance.   I think that Darcel McBath has talent but needs to stay healthy.    I think that Safety is a HUGE NEED and Denver must draft one in the 1st - two rounds.

NT -    Jamaal Williams has played OK but is OLD and Ron Fields is more of a Backup.  NT is a HUGE need also.  Denver must Draft a good NT for the future.  Unless they plan on using Kevin Vickerson there at 6'5" 325lbs.

TE -     Denver shouldn't have traded Scheffler for nothing.  We need a pass catching TE in my mind.  Maybe not McDaniels but I think TE is going to be drafted by Denver next year.

DE -    I think that Justin Bannan is a very solid player but we could use a upgrade on Ryan McBean.  He just doesn't make any plays.  I see Pittsburgh's DE's making alot more plays than Denver's.



ESPN's top 32

Player Pos. School Grade
1. Jake Locker QB Washington 95
2. Robert Quinn* DE N. Carolina 95
3. Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska 95
4. A.J. Green* WR Georgia 94
5. Marcell Dareus* DT Alabama 94
6. Andrew Luck* QB Stanford 94
7. Ras-I Dowling CB Virginia 93
8. Nate Solder* OT Colorado 93
9. Allen Bailey DE Miami (FL) 93
10. Janoris Jenkins CB Florida 92
11. Mark Herzlich OLB Boston Coll. 92
12. Ryan Mallett* QB Arkansas 92
13. Marvin Austin DT N. Carolina 92
14. Cameron Heyward DE Ohio State 92
15. Rodney Hudson C Florida State 92
16. Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin 92
17. Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa 91
18. Travis Lewis* OLB Oklahoma 91
19. Mark Ingram* RB Alabama 91
20. Von Miller OLB Texas A&M 91
21. Patrick Peterson* CB LSU 91
22. Jared Crick* DT Nebraska 91
23. Orlando Franklin OT Miami (FL) 91
24. Ryan Williams* RB Virginia Tech 90
25. Stephen Paea DT Oregon State 90
26. Bruce Carter OLB N. Carolina 90
27. Rahim Moore* S UCLA 90
28. Ryan Kerrigan DE Purdue 90
29. Brandon Harris* CB Miami (FL) 90
30. Anthony Castonzo OT Boston Coll. 90
31. Kyle Rudolph* TE Notre Dame 90
32. Julio Jones* WR Alabama 90

1st Round Pick(15th)-----------------------------------------------------------------    Cameron Heyward -  DT - Ohio St. - 6'5" 290lbs  I think that one of these guys will be available when we draft - Marcell Darius , A. Clayborn , A. Bailey , Jared Crick or Cameron Heyward at 15 and I think that Heyward is a great fit for Denver.


2nd Round Pick ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    Deunta Williams - Safety - North Carolina - 6'1" 210lbs     Williams is a ball hawk and would make a excellent player to team with Darcel McBath for years to come. I also like Mark Barron of Alabama but think he will be gone.


2nd Round Pick(via Miami)------------------------------------------------------------------------      Kendrick Ellis - NT - Hampton - 6'5" 325lbs -   I am a little leery of drafting players who transferred like Chris Baker but Ellis is just destroying people.


3rd Round Pick ----------------------------------------------------------------------      Weslye Saunders - TE - South Carolina - 6'5" 272lbs -   Yes he is suspended for the year but so was Dez Bryant and he got drafted in the 1st Round. 


Final thoughts

I think that The Denver Broncos will win atleast 1 SuperBowl with Josh McDaniels as Head Coach.

I think that Tim Tebow won't start until year 3-4 and it might not be with Denver if Kyle Orton continues to get better.

I think that the NFL is a Passing League and if you look at The Colts , The Saints , The Steelers , and New England are pass first teams.

GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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