Straight-Laced Review Preseason Week 4


The preseason has gone by pretty darn quick and this last game was pretty much what I thought it would be...a whole lot of scrubs trying to make the team.  I don't put too much stock in the outcome of this one or think that it really means anything to how the Broncos will play to start week 1 vs Jacksonville.

Follow along after the jump and I'll give you my take on what I saw this game for what it is worth.

1st Teamers
  • Great to see Clady back out there...he looked solid for the little time he played
  • Harris' injury didn't look too serious to me.  Hopefully he will be ready to go week 1
  • Buckhalter on the field is encouraging too! I dig this guy.  Hopefully he puts together a no-injury season
  • Didn't get a very good take on the defense as Minn was playing scrubs and they didn't really play well at that.

Backup QB

  • Tebow fumbling the snap was a plate full of weak-sauce.  The good thing is that it is something he can easily fix with practice (good to see him go to the sideline and get some reps right away too)
  • Here's the big thing that bugs me about Tebow: he looks awkward coming out of the snap under center.  It just doesn't flow right and looks slow.  Maybe someone with a better eye can mention if it is footwork or not...I don't know, but it is a little worrying.  Like his throwing motion, this needs work.  He can do a decent job until he gets better, but he SHOULD get better with this.
  • The Tebow TD to Willis was just plain sick.  You can't ask him to throw it better than he did at that distance.  I REALLY like seeing his long-ball.  Will it translate against 1st stringers? Hopefully we don't find out this season...
  • Quinn looked much better tonight, but still doesn't scream to me that he's the guy
  • If Quinn can get his head right, he would be fine as a back-up, but that's a big if from what I've seen

Alphonso Smith

  • He's up!  He's down!  He's up!  He's letting a TD go 60 yards!
  • I liked the good plays (including him stopping that long QB run...he saved us the TD with smart play off the WR that was blocking him)
  • I hated the bad plays - that trip was avoidable in my opinion

Scrub Play

  • Wrap up guys...this is what seperates the NFL players from guys out of work...way too many times did we have the Minn QB sacked (or down for a safety) if only the guys would go hit to wrap instead of trying to just hit.
  • Willis does not belong with the scrubs...he's a solid backup WR threatening to be a starter...that's right...I said starter
  • Decker is looking like a FANTASTIC draft pick.  The kid is like the second coming of Stokely with his underneath route running and good hands...this could have been a byproduct of going against scrubs, but he looked like a keeper

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