Broncos vs Titans: Keys to the game

Well, I for one sure am glad we are done facing the Indianapolis passing attack for the regular season.  Now we'll have a much much much easier game against the ....oh carp.  We have the flipping Titans this week!   Noooooo!

Follow me after the jump to get my take on how our Broncos can win this game against one of the most terrifying run offenses in the NFL.

Main Key

Aggressive play-calling on offensive, and conservative play-calling on defense.  I really think our play-calling in the two main phases of the game will make or break us this week.



  • Throw early and throw often (and no I don't mean bubble screens).  Moreso than any game so far this year, I think this is the week to abandon the run completely in the beginning of the game. want to set up play action, but forget that.  Air that sucker out and get the defense on their heels....the run the rock when we have a two score lead.
  • Soft hands with a strong grip:  Orton can make any pass...get it and make sure you hang on to the ground.
  • Once we have a lead (and I think it will happen in the 1st half), start running the ball on 1st down...if you get 3 - 4 yards, run it on 2nd down.
  • Gimmick of the week:  This week we need to have an end-around called for Mr. Royal (or a reverse).


  • Set the edge....I don't care if CJ get's 4 - 5 yards per run up the middle on average...set the friggin edge.  I don't care if VY throws a 8 - 10 yard pass every other time...don't let him get easy yards running it.
  • DON'T OVER PURSUE...go watch replays...if you over purse on CJ he will either juke you out of your tighty whities or just blaze past you all day long.
  • You can tighten up on the run game against them...even with Cox on the field, I trust our guys enough to go one-on-one against their WRs...VY is no Manning...he can not throw the perfect pass multiple times in the game.
  • On obvious passing situations, don't go nuts with me it makes more sense to play the kind of defense we played against Indy...soft zone coverage, rush 3 or 4 and make VY make a pass.

Special Teams

  • All signs point to this being covered...Eddie looks like he is going to get all the Returns.  Don't turn over the ball on returns.  This seems silly to mention, but obviously we need to hear it, yes?
  • Solid coverage:  the Titan return game doesn't seem too scary, but we have made worse teams look better (see Jacksonville).  I hope the return coverage is sharpened up since week 1 (we aren't at home this week, so we'll see it much more).

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