Running Back oh Running Back where art Thou!

I haven't really posted anything since before the draft. But with the season looming just around the corner i felt like it was time to get back in the swing of things. That being said something have struck me the last few weeks. That is the growing concern at the running back position. All three of our top tailbacks have at one point or another been hurt, and just when we were about to turn the corner Lendale is done for the season. After the jump we will go into the concerns about this and maybe some possible solutions.

Now everybody has to agree it was nice to see Lendale power his way for those tough yards and even get into the end zone a couple of times. (As a Denver boy myself I always dreamed of donning the orange and blue and plowing my way for touchdowns for my favorite team too. So I know how Lendale feels. Ahh but I Digress) So now that he is done for the year who do we have left. Moreno? is not a 100% and he does not run between the tackles well enough for me even if he was healthy. Bucky? nope not his game.  Ball or Hall? don't feel either one can adequately fill the power back mold. And please for the love of God don't say TEBOW( wouldn't be an article if i didn't write him in.) Tebow needs to develop his skills at QB and only come in on specialty plays this year.  So where does that leave us.

We have three options! 

1: Watch the waiver wire and pick up someone there.

      * possible candidates Derrick Ward, Ladell Betts, Larry Johnson (If Washington cuts him) or some other vet that doesn't make the cut.

2: Trade for a back.

      * possible candidates Leron McClain (only if Baltimore is still CB hungry. I know they just just got one from the hawks.) Maybe a Marshawn Lynch, or Marion Barber.

3: Do nothing.

This by far is the worst of the ideas and fans would again ask McD why didnt he draft Gerhart, Hardesty, or keep Hillis.

My personal opinion is we should look at Ward. I believe he can bring an extra dimension to the backfield. Plus  he has the ability to tout the rock 20plus times a game if needed. He displayed that a couple of years ago when the Giants lost both Bradshaw and Jacobs to injuries. One thing we will all agree on is that we as a collective fan base think we need a power back to compliment Moreno and Buck. Now its up to McX to go get one. You might have noticed i kept Larsen's name out of there. Well for good reason I believe he is not ready to carry the rock. This is his first year as a full time fullback and he has all of maybe a dozen carries total. Needs more time.

Alright MHR lets here what you think?

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