Final(ish) Roster Thoughts

First of all, thanks to everybody who's been reporting all of the moves throughout the past couple days, and those who will keep it up as the final tweaking is done. This entire process has been pretty interesting.

Overall, I think we've got a good team. A little tweaking is probably needed, but I'm feeling confident this year.

Quarterback - Orton, Tebow, Quinn

No surprises here. As long as Kyle Orton stays healthy, we should be in good hands. If he does go down, I trust Tim Tebow more than Brady Quinn at this point in time.

Running Back - Moreno, Buckhalter, Ball, Hall, Larsen (fullback)

Once Knowshon Moreno is back to 100%, the running game will hopefully be pretty good with him and Buck. With LenDale White headed to IR, I think Lance Ball's roster spot is fairly secure for most of the season if he plays like he has been recently. As for Hall, I think he'll be gone soon, as we could use a power back to replace LenDale. I'm pulling for Gartrell Johnson, but there are plenty of guys out there.

Wide Receiver - Thomas, Royal, Gaffney, Willis, Decker, Lloyd

The receivers have me excited this year, and for what they could be in the future. If Demaryius Thomas plays like he was before getting hurt, I think he could be a definite ROY candidate. My one complaint is with Brandon Lloyd, who I've never really been fond of. He's been pretty inconsistent, playing a lot like you'd expect a rookie to do....... which should be a concern at this point. I'm also a bit disappointed to see that Brandon Stokley will be waved once he's back at full health, but I guess the writing's been on the wall for a while now. I'm gonna miss Stokes.

Tight End - Graham, Quinn, Gronkowski

Looks like a solid group that can all contribute as blockers, while not being the greatest receivers. Once Daniel Graham and Richard Quinn are at full health, I'll feel pretty comfortable with these guys.

O-Line - Clady, Beadles, Walton, Kuper, Harris, Hochstein, Batiste, Daniels, Eric Olsen

The line looks like it'll be pretty solid if/when all of the starters are healthy. I think Zane Beadles could be a lot more valuable than he gets credit for, as he's probably the starting left guard, and also probably the top backup at both tackle positions. If something happens to him I'd be really worried.

D-Line - Bannan, Williams, McBean, Fields, Thomas, Smith

It would be nice to see some more players here, but I think McD is planning on relying on the versatility of guys like Justin Bannan and Marcus Thomas so that he can keep more players elsewhere. Green getting cut was surprising, although he never really stood out. I'm still waiting for the day Le Kevin Smith gets cut, because we can do way better than him at end.

Linebacker - Ayers, D.J. Williams, Haggan, Moss, Woodyard, Mays, Hunter, Atkins

As much as losing Elvis Dumervil for the season hurts, I think the linebacking corps should be fine this year. Each of these guys has shown what they bring to the table, and they all look good. Like most of you, I was pleasantly surprised by Joe Mays in the preseason, and look forward to seeing what he can do on special teams this year.

Cornerback - Bailey, Goodman, Cox, Jones, Thompson, Vaughn

This looks to be one of the strengths of the team. Perrish Cox, Syd'Quan Thompson, and Cassius Vaughn all had a really good preseason, and they should all contribute out of this gate this season. I especially liked how Syd'Quan just wouldn't go down on his returns. Nate Jones may be expendable.

Safety - Dawkins, Hill, McBath, Bruton

Another position of strength, we may have two future starters in Darcel McBath and David Bruton. Look for Brian Dawkins and Renaldo Hill to play similar to last year, which would be great.

Special Teams - Prater, Colquitt, Paxton

We all know what Matt Prater is capable of, and Britton Colquitt looked like the real deal all offseason.

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