McDaniels is building a Winner!!!!

I am sick and tired of all the media saying that Denver isn't going to be a good team and that McDaniels had made sooo many mistakes.  I for 1 believe in what McDaniels is doing.  Is he perfect????  No but here is my thoughts on the team this year and in the future!!!!!!

Go Broncos!!!!

Lets take a look at some of the players that McDaniels has brought in.  Brian Dawkins , Andre Goodman , Renaldo Hill , Justin Bannon , Jamaal Williams , Jabar Gaffney , Correll Buckhalter.  All of these guys are good if not Great players.

Players that McDaniels drafted = Robert Ayers , Knowshon Moreno , Darcel McBath , Demaryius Thomas , Eric Decker , Tim Tebow , Perrish Cox , Joe Walton and Zane Beadles gives Denver a ton of young talent that will mature into a Great Team.

Sure McDaniels flopped on Alfonso Smith but then this year he hits a HOME RUN with Perrish Cox in the 5th Round!!!!!

Looking at this year and the next I think Denver will finish 9-7 this year but look out in 2011.  Denver will be in the 3rd year under McDaniels and his plan will really start to take hold.


Team Needs going into 2011 -     Safety , NT , TE and RB

Denver has 2 - 2nd Round Picks and we should be able to draft 3 Impact Player next year too.

1st Round Pick -  Marcel Daruis - DE - Alabama - 6'3" 306lbs


2nd Round Pick(Miami) ----------------   Deaunta Williams - Free Safety - North Carolina


2nd Round Pick -----------------------------------------   Jerrell Powe - NT - Ole Miss



Looking at certain positions Denver has alot of Talent!!!!

Oline - Once Ryan Clady and Ryan Harris get back to 100% , Denver has  a great young Oline for years to come - Joe Walton , Zane Beadles and Chris Kuper will give Denver a Big , Strong Oline for years!!!

WR's  - Gaffney , Royal , Decker , Willis , Demaryius Thomas  gives Denver 5 Excellent WR's for Years!!!!

LB's -    Dumervil , DJ Williams , Mario Haggan and Robert Ayers will be excellent for years once Dumervil gets back next year.   Side note I think that Jason Hunter is going to have 5-8 Sacks this year.  He looks very good.

CB's -   Champ , Goodman , Cox , gives Denver a excellent secondary.

DLine -  Justin Bannon = Stud adding 1 stud player is necessary with Jamaal Williams getting older.

Anyway the future is Bright and McDaniels is building a WINNER!!!!

Go Broncos!!!!


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