The Biggest Underdog HC Candidate

The title alludes to Eric Studesville. I know some of you might not agree with my title, since he has been granted an interview. I can't believe I'm thinking of buying into this, since I was the guy bashing him right when he was named interim HC, and I was the one who could barely contain my laughter when he was taking his "audition" seriously. But I have changed, I'm starting to believe this guy may have what it takes to be the Denver Broncos 2011 HC, I'll explain my reasoning after the jump.

First off, let's start discussing what a HC does. He is first and foremost the guy who sets up what the team will do overall each week for each game. He sets up the gameplan and comes up with it after meeting and discussing it with all his coaches. It's hard to fully judge Studes in this area, as he's got a rookie QB (who is definitely doing great, but does need a gameplan catered to him), an OC I am far from impressed with, and a D with almost no talent. I do like his gameplans overall, as they have helped Tebow grow and helped this D not look completely atrocious, and it seems the Broncos improve with every game this team plays with Studes. Compare that to McDaniels who's team seemed to regress throughout the year with him at the helm.

Still though, with all of this he has a 1-2 record, which comes out to a .333 winning percentage. Looking at the Broncos through the rest of the year, they have a .266 winning percentage, a marked improvement albeit in a small sample size.

I must say for myself, and probably many of you, I was not thrilled that the Broncos weren't following the position coach to coordinator to HC doctrine. I wasn't enthused a position coach had just made the jump. However, I am beginning to wonder just why the heck a coordinator is the only type of coach able to make the jump. Sure, he has more power then a position coach, but how does the guy who primarily calls plays translate to an HC?

With McD we saw the HC calling plays wasn't usually pretty. Looking to KC, we saw they had Haley calling plays last year, and their team struggled mightily. They did add talent, but you can't tell me that Haley handing over playcalling duties to a playcaller didn't help. With Studes at HC, we definitly can guaruntee we won't have to worry about having the playcalling hurt our HC. Another point for Studes in this category for me is that he will probably allow the FO to hire high profile assistant coaches without having to worry about ego's clashing (cough cough, McD, cough cough). I'm thinking a Singletary for D, for O I haven't thought of one yet.

And finally, we get to the players. Sure, you gotta take what they say to the media with a grain of salt, but that sideline last Sunday was as pumped as I have ever seen it, and it was for the 4th win in game 15!  I'll admit, Tebow had a lot to do with that, but I gotta give credit to Studes as well. One of the more important jobs of an HC is to motivate his team, and while I thought this is where McD struggled the most as an HC this is where I think Studes is at his best.

For those who may read this and think I am bashing McD and hate him, your wrong. I defended him to the very end, and I didn't want him fired. However, it is generally accepted to hire a HC who was the opposite of your previous HC if he was fired. For all of McD's weaknesses as a HC, I see them as strengths for Studes. I will say as well that a guy like Studes won't be able to do it by himself. I mentioned it earlier and believe it is necessary for Studes to succeed: He needs good coaches around him, mainly at OC and DC.

So, Broncos, this interview you have with Studes may just be to satisfy the Rooney rule, but I implore you to take it seriously. I don't know if Studes will ever be a great coach, but give this guy a locker room with decent talent, and a couple good coordinators, and I think you will see the Broncos back in the playoffs sooner rather then later!


What do we always say at the end of fanposts?... Got it on the tip of my tongue...Go something right?... Oh right!



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