2011 Offseason Needs

Given the complete uncertainty of the CBA, Broncos' head coach hiring, coaching staff and offensive and defensive schemes, I find it really hard to mock or predict free agency. So in lieu, I'm going to outline what I believe are the Broncos off-season needs and comment on the directions I believe they should go.

Champ Bailey (At least franchise him)
Ryan Harris (With all the needs on defense, why not shore up the starting RT and draft depth in the later rounds)

Brian Dawkins (I hope he saves face and retires)
Correll Buckhalter (He performed well in the Tebow games, but we need a younger version)
Russ Hochstein (See Dawkins above)
Laurence Maroney (My goodness he is terrible)
Ronald Fields (He's done)
Jamal Williams (Unless we stay 3-4 and draft a young NT)

Brandon LLoyd (Get him a 3 year extension with a decent pay day)
Daniel Graham (I've heard the figure for 2011 is 4.2 million. He needs a pay cut or release)

Kyle Orton (No way you can pay him 8.9 million to sit on the bench. I think a 3rd and 5th or a 2012 conditional)
DJ Williams (I think he's worn out his welcome here. Bad attitude and not a good leader. Probably a 3rd+ as well)

FA Signings:
TE (I'm looking for a Bo Scaife type of guy, not a big name until we know how important TE is to the offensive system)
OL (Looking for interior and outside depth because Walton and Beadles will be better in their 2nd year)
RB (Decent 3rd down back)
QB (With Tebow's style, you need a decent backup. I'm not sold on Quinn, but he could work)

3-4 or 4-3:
I personally think the Broncos should stay 3-4 because of Bannon/Vickerson/Dumervil which is 3 of a solid front 7. I'm not married to this because I think Bannon could a good 4-3 DE in a rotation and Dumervil would be great as a nickel/dime/3rd down RDE. I will address the LB situation later.

3-4 Draft Needs (In Order):
DE (Absolutely need a dominating DE for the rotation)
ILB (I know everyone says CB here, I believe we need a fiery TED ILB to stop the run. We don't have one. I think Ayers/TED/Woodyard/Dumervil would be a decent lineup of LB's)
NT (We need a young NT to move ahead. Just like baseball, you need to be strong up the middle)
FS/SS (I haven't seen one thing to make me think that David Bruton can play anything other than special teams. We need another young safety that can play and complement McBath/Hill/Champ when he moves to FS)
RB (We need another RB to spell Moreno, perferrably a change of pace back. LenDale White will have to prove to me he's healthy and serviceable)
OLB (We need another rush LB because I haven't seen Ayers have a move yet)
CB (We need depth here. I think Syd'Quan Thompson can play nickel, but with Cox's legal woes he could miss some time in 2011 and 2012)
QB (It would be good to have a developmental guy to groom)

4-3 Draft Needs (In Order):
DT (A dominating DT would shore up the line and make the run defense instantly better)
MLB (We need a guy that can take on the lead blocker and DJ Williams isn't that guy. He failed as our 4-3 MLB. I think Haggan would be a good SLB and Woodyard as the WLB. We are just missing the middle)
The rest is the same as above.

To reiterate, we need to improve the d-line, linebackers, safeties and get depth everything to be even a decent team. I think Elway and company have their work cut out for them.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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