Mock draft to bring back the ORANGE CRUSH !!

                After years of neglecting the defensive side of the ball broncos have to go all in on defense this time .

 but the first order of business is to select a head coach. 

                         John Fox should be the  number one choice he knows how to get the most out of the talent on hand . Fox would bring stability to the team . Although he is known to run a 4-3 defense I'm sure he is well versed in any defense  and could oversee a 3-4 defense .  The front office has already said they would prefer to stay with the 3-4 . 

                           Rick Dennison is my number two choice . Rick knows more about the broncos than about anyone you could hire.  

                       I would like to see either Mike Singletary or Gregg Manusky for defensive cord. offensive cord.  Bill Musgrave or stick with Mike McCoy.

               all offensive upgrades should be addressed thru free agency. this draft has to be all defense.


 Kyle Orton and 6th round pick #192 to the Vikings for their 2nd round pick #43

DJ Williams to the STL. Rams for their 3rd round pick #78 and their sixth round pick #175 . DJ has worn out his welcome with his off the field problems.   The Rams need a 4-3 linebacker badly. 


                           Plan  A                                                                                             Plan B

  Round 1 pick#2 Nic Fairley   DE Auburn 6'4" 298 Lb.  Plan B. Marcell Dareus  DE  Alabama  6'3"306Lb.

 Round 2 pick #36 Stephen Paea  NT Oregon State  6'1" 311Lb.  plan B. Jimmy Smith CB  colorado 6'2" 210 Lb.

 pick#43 from Vikings Branden Burton CB Utah 6'0"185 Lb. plan B. Jerrell Powe NT mississippi 6'2" 328 Lb.

 pick #46 from  Miami B.Marsh. trade  Courtny  Upshaw ILB Alabama 6'2" 260Lb.   plan B.Jeremy Beal OLB 

 Oklahoma 6'3" 260Lb.

 3rd round pick #67 Jared Crick  DE  Nebraska 6'5" 285 Lb.  plan B Kelvin Sheppard ILB LSU  6'3" 240 Lb. 

 pick#78 from STL. Rams will be choosing best safety available at this spot

 1.Kenny Tate  Maryland 6' 4" 220Lb.

 2. Deunta Williams  North Carolina  6'2" 210 Lb. 

 3. Mark Barron  Alabama  6'2"  210 Lb.

 4.Quinton Carter   Oklahoma  6' 1"    195 Lb.

 4th round     no selections available 

 5th round    no selections available 

 6th round pick#175 from STL.Rams  Harlod Ayodele  NT  Emporia State  6'1"  338 Lb.  plan B

   Kheeston Randall   DE Texas 6'5" 295 Lb.

 7th round pick  # 196 Cliff Matthews OLB South Carolina  6' 4"  260 Lb.  Plan  B 

 Colin Jones  safety  Texas Christian University  6'0"   210 Lb.

                     I'm sorry that I don't have pictures or 40 times . I tried to select players as accurately as possible.  I used Draft Tek's  mock draft to make these selections  I hope this will be an interesting mock this is my very first attempt at this. I am a recently retired truck driver and I'm not to computer savvy. I have been a bronco fan since 1960 although I really didn't follow them religiously until after returning from Viet Nam .  I  welcome  all comments and suggestions 

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