Time to get in shape, Bronco Fans

“That place ain't loud anymore. It might be too comfortable.” – John Elway

Like many here, I watched the Tim Tebow mini-doc on ESPN the other afternoon with great anticipation – and I was not disappointed. I had the good fortune of catching it while I was on the treadmill and never did an hour go by so quickly. I was pumped, moved to tears and nodding my head throughout. Whether or not Tebow actually ends up being “the guy” or not, I love what he is putting forth. He is the right attitude. 

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And that brings me to “us” – the fans. It’s time for us to get in shape, too. I’ve been hearing about “true” home field advantages – some say Seattle has the best, others say KC or pick your dome. There’s also been a fair amount of buzz around here about bringing back the old Mile High Magic – specifically as it related to Elway, who is now, finally and officially back in the fold. He is back. Tebow is in place, saying and doing the right things (again, not saying he will or won’t be the guy, but he’s a great face for it at the very least in the meantime). Thinking about “The Drive”, “The Helicopter” and other iconic moments help bring it forth again and push what I’m after here now:


It is our turn, as a fan base, to do our part. It’s easy to be in critical mode – and I’m not saying it’s wrong or that it lacks certain value. But what are we, as fans, actually doing positively to be the best fans we can be? How are we helping the Broncos in a meaningful way (this assumes, of course that can be done at all – more on that later)?


I say it starts with getting in shape – literally. Get your butt to the gym, pound the pavement, do what you’ve got to do -- but get it going on. When you feel on top of your game physically you will be able to do everything in your life (including be a fan) better. Need inspiration? Watch some Tim Tebow and tell me you don't want to climb a freakin' mountain or split some wood.


Next up – get on board. Again, questioning is fair, criticism is fair and part of the equation. Another component, however, is the belief it’s possible for the Broncos to be a good team again and that the pieces are in place. Winning and losing are both contagious. I urge us all to use the influence we have to not allow the Broncos to rot in last season’s woes (or the last several, if you wish to look at that way).


Instead, let’s start anew with the very necessary element of hope. Elway is in the house. I believe adopting an “In John We Trust” attitude will do us all wonders. He’s made it clear through his words and actions (the transparency and activity he’s shown, among them) that he thinks the Broncos need us. Again – I’m not suggesting we go blindly, nor without reasonable questions when warranted, but enough so that we are building alongside Elway as this reformation happens (rather than cynically holding off until they prove it by winning).


This brings me back to a question that has gotten some play here: can fans make a difference? I say yes. So do many players. Don’t get me wrong – fans are not a substitute for what must happen on the field. But can fans be a source of inspiration – something that adds just the right bit at just the right moment to draw a flag from a frustrated opponent who can’t hear the signals to pumping up a Bronco enough to make that play by an inch instead of missing it by the same measure. 


The bottom line is we have a relatively clean slate, with awesome pedigree and history. Further, nobody knows what the future holds – many, many questions that simply won’t get answered until next fall. Regardless of our (sometimes) contentious feelings about how the Broncos should proceed, I think we all agree on what we want: a championship Denver Broncos football team once again. We, the fans, are a part of that and can do something positively about it. Don’t believe me? Ask Elway.



This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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