Speaking from Charlotte Fox is Right for Denver

I have been following the Broncos for over 35 years and these last 2 have been by far the most painful.  The only way Josh McDaniels was going to survive in that position was to remain undefeated so he never had to look inadequate.

The developments of the past 2 weeks give a glimmer of hope to me.  Restoring some balance to the power in the organization, re-connecting with the fan base and looking (once and for all) for a way to bring something besides false teeth back to our defense.

Living in Charlotte, NC I can tell you first hand; John Fox is the right man for the job.  The only reason he will not be hired will be financial.  He is a great citizen, respected by the players a strong motivator and disciplinarian.  Let's face it the Carolina offense has been as one dimensional as a sheet of typing paper.  When the offensive play-maker gets benched by the coach for thug antics (busting another player's face) I think that says a lot about the character and motives of the coach.

He found ways to make a mediocre team respectable, season in and season out without the benefit of a wealth of talent.  The Bronco defense will switch to a 4-3 and (although it may be too late) a coach with his defensive credentials may be what it takes to keep Champ here.  No one should look at 2010 to gauge John Fox, this year was mailed in by the organization above him.

John Fox's knowledge of the NFL community will allow him to assemble the best staff and bring a system to Denver that enables the team to be competitive week after week even when we have to go to the bench. 

Dumervil is a great asset to this team; Carolina had anchors on their defense over the Fox years as well; but they didn't fold up like a lawn chair when one of them went down.  He coaches positionally and his system will make all of our players better and improve our chances of staying in games.

If Denver has enough left in one of their pants pockets; John Fox will bring the team back.

What biting irony...Rivera leaves the Chargers (worse off) and Fox comes to Denver...that's probably a 6 game swing all by itself!!!!

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