We can have the best of both worlds.

I have heard a lot of debate as to who our next head coach should be.  (With nothing else interesting happening in the NFL since the Broncos are done for the season this seems to be the best thing to talk about)  I have read the opinions of the coaches here at MHR and the informed input from the readers.  I wanted to share my own conclusions after the jump.

It seems that the three coaching candidates that are being taken most seriously are Rick Dennison, John Fox, and Dirk Kotter (as the dark horse candidate) I have heard very few people talking about Fewell and Studs in a very serious manner.  So if I had  to guess who was on Elway's short list, as of today, I would say that Dennison, Fox and Kotter are the guys.  

I hate being  torn between these three since I think that each one has strengths and brings something good to the table.  First, I really like the job that Dennison did with Houston and Denver's offense when he had the chance.  I love that he has gone all in on getting the head coaching gig for his Broncos.  Seriously, he has burned his bridges in Houston since he wants to coach in  Denver so badly.  Here's what he said about the Broncos:  "I've known the Broncos forever," said Dennison, who played college football at Colorado State. "If it is (an advantage), that's great, I'll use that to the best of my abilities. I'm orange and blue all the way through. I just work in Houston now."


"I just work in Houston now."  How well will the Houston locker room and coaching staff take to this statement?  If Dennison was hedging his bets at all he would never had said this.  He wants to be back in Denver badly.

Read more: Dennison puts heart into Broncos interview; Saints' Williams withdraws - The Denver Post

John Fox has the experience building a winner out of nothing.  Taking a team from 1-15 to Superbowl contenders and coming a field goal away from winning two years latter is one of the best endorsements that he could have.  Unlike McDaniels, who had never coached on a team that was not already a  winner when he interviewed,  Fox has more than a plan,  he has experience building from the ground up.  

I am sentimental about Dirk Kotter since he coached at Boise State and I am a total BSU homer.  That is really all I have on the guy.  He was a good college coach and seemed to do pretty well with the Jags offense. 

I wonder if we could have Fox as Head Coach, and since he is a defensive guy we could keep Wink as D coordinator and have Dennison as the true Offensive coordinator.  Not what Rick Dennison was looking for when he interviewed but Fox would really give the offense to him so he would be more than a figure head that he is in Houston.  With Fox's work with Defense we would not need to dump Wink.  We could be moving forward by the end of this week! 
Go Broncos!

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