The Answer is John Fox

Everyone has an individual opinion on this move, and it's not just the opinions of the hire that matter - it's the perspectives they are coming from. I think the question a lot of fans (maybe it's just my opinion based on what I'm seeing at fansites and from talking to other people about the Broncos today and yesterday) isn't whether the Broncos made the right choice by hiring John Fox; the question is if the front office even has the ability to make the right choice. Are they competent? Can we move forward like this? Do we need more time for the front office to stabalize before we can be relevant again? Does John Elway need more experience first? Will Xanders be able to draft competantly? Is Joe Ellis bringing this franchise down?

I'd probably answer Yes to all of those questions and I've got absolutely no proof as to why. In fact I don't have a logical explanation that would fit in anything less than a 100 page book. I believe that this is going to work, and not because of any particular evidence... but it just feels right. Doesn't it? Think about EVERYTHING that has happened in the last couple of decades... Don't worry the article isn't going anywhere, take your time. Here's a few questions you can ask yourself to aid the process:

What IS the Denver Broncos organization?

Where did we come from?

How did we originally achieve greatness? (as that's clearly where we want to go in the near future)

What did our team look like in those glorious era's from (forgive me ahead of time for the notable players I didn't mention - there are probably quite a few) the team's first winning season to Floyd Little, Craig Morton and the Orange Crush defense, Gradishar, Zimmerman, John Elway, Steve Atwater, Shannon Sharpe, Terrell Davis, Rod Smith, Jason Elam even.

Ask yourself  WHO ARE THE DENVER BRONCOS AT HEART? And I'll offer a few suggestions.

  • We are a team that will look the enemy in the face and drive them backwards either by running the ball right over them or crushing them with a dominating defensive line and hard-hitting safeties.
  • We will punish our opponents for trying to drag us back to our early days of destitude in musty yellow and brown uniforms.
  • We win in the trenches all day long.
  • We won't get tired first, ESPECIALLY at home!
  • We'll play the fourth quarter as hard (or harder) than the first!
  • We're explosive when we need to be.
  • Our engines are fueled by Mile High Thunder.
  • We play smart, tough, and we work for every inch.
  • Our Quarterbacks NEVER SAY NEVER and they are the lifeforce of our offense, we live and die by their commitment and passion.
  • Our Runningbacks do it all; from the running game, to pass protection, and receiving, they are a primary asset.
  • Our receivers are tough, scrappy, and are dangerous downfield.

I believe that our front office can, and will be, successful. I am convinced that Bowlen is retuning back to the heart of this franchise from the orange uniforms all the way to a fierce running game with a tough and deadly defense. I am feeling more like Joe Ellis is no longer a prime piece of this puzzle, but rather a spokesperson for the trade with little-to-no infulential power. Elway is clearly the primary executive under Bowlen going forward, and he definitely needs more experience - which believe it or not, WILL come with time. Can Xanders be the answer for our personnel department? Well, only his past (and especially future) selections will be able to decide that, but I've actually been a fan of several of the picks that have not yet shined as the experts believe they already should have (Ayers, Moreno, McBath, Thomas, Decker, Tebow, Walton, Beadles). I am also feeling confident that the later round selections will prove to become solid depth (not all, but guys like Cox, Thompson, Olsen, etc). There were surely some blunders in the personnel department, but there were also some gems we pulled for nothing (like Mays, Lloyd, and Willis) that are solid contributors already (imagine Mays going back to the 4-3?).

This new coach isn't a brazen-hot commodity fresh out of the Kiln, but he is solid, experienced, and embodies everything that is Broncos Football. He's not flashy and he's not dull. He's something in between. He's got a solid system for both Defense and Offense (McCoy has stated in the past that learning McDaniel's system and terminology was easy because they ran a very similar offense in Carolina - can't remember when but it was during a training camp interview) and he's already rebuilt a team from the bottom into a competitor in a very short time - and IMO Carolina's front office is NOTHING compared to Bowlen and Elway as far as character, passion, and desire. This guy has everything going for him and so do the Denver Broncos. There are tons of tiny arugments people can bring up to show how this is a bad choice for Denver, but if you step back and look at the big picture... this choice makes perfect sense. The Broncos headshack is stepping into transparency and if you compare their current moves to the ideas they've been talking about we've fit them to a "T".

McDaniels had NO BIGGER FAN than myself when he came on board, and I wrote SEVERAL articles on the future moving forward when he first came into Denver. The McDaniels move was to take Denver and reshape it from a winning mold into something new. Well, the front office didn't have the patience for it - that's what I thought at first... but looking back, it was deeper than that. It wasn't just about patience. It was philosophy. We got halfway through the process and Bowlen felt what our own hearts and minds were telling us but couldn't but into words. It just wasn't Broncos Football, and Broncos Football doesn't need changing because it already IS a proven winner. We just need to get back to that old Denver Heart.

I've posted several times about bringing back the Mile High Magic - and many times I had felt sparks of it in the McDaniels model... but I'm relalizing now that those sparks only came when McDaniels was using a little bit of ole' Broncos Football. When we were playing tough-nasty D, and running hard. When we had an explosive downfield passing game that can be clutch when we need it. McDaniels offense had a little bit of everything, and it's the little bit of Broncos-style Football that I liked most. Bowlen is finally taking us back by tossing out the New England mold for something more authentic and more in-tune with this fanbase. This time I'm not just spouting hopeful wishes at seeing us get back to Orange Crush, Hard Running, and 4th Quarter Clutch... because now I know it's coming for real. I don't know why I didn't see it coming before. I should have. All of us should have (and for those of you that did, KUDOS).

So many fans with so many questions... but really there should only be ONE, and that question is:

Who could possibly bring this franchise back from the brink to it's former glory days?

The Answer? (It's not Tim Tebow - though I'm rooting heart and soul for the kid!)

You read it before you ever stepped foot into this post.

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