Mock Draft 2.0 no CBA no trades

A lot of the mock drafts that have been appearing here on MHR have had multiple trades between picks or players (orton, royal, williams).  This mock is strictly the picks we currently have and there are no free agent signings due to the CBA.

First round pick 2:




It starts in the trenches and whether it be a 4-3 or 3-4 this guy is a high impact player.  I think having a player's coach like John Fox makes a situation with Fairley much better too.  Fox plays to his players strengths and minimizes the weaknesses.  Fairley will add physicality and a nastiness that this d line or defense hasnt had since Al Wilson and John Lynch.  


Round 2 pick 4:



Add more physicality in the defensive backfield with this 6'2 220 lbs. SS.  Probably a guy who can start from week 1 or will work his way into the starting lineup during the year.  Very strong tackler has great form and aggressiveness.  Does not go for the knock out hits but has plenty of power to do so.  Has good range for his size, not elite latteral quickness and speed but projected to run a a mid 4.5.

Round 2 pick 14:



Jeremy Beal is a versatile guy who can play 3-4 old or 4-3 DE.  Good pass rusher good sub out Ayers on third downs.  Extremely high motor, workout warrior, loves the game of football and is great for any team.  Beal stands at 6'3 265 and with Elvis Dumervil, the Broncos should have a much better pass rush than this past year.

Third Round pick 3:



Another versatile guy because he would play inside in a 3-4 or outside in a 4-3.  Probably best suited for a 4-3, Mason Foster is a guy with a high motor and knack for the football.  Makes big hits and has shown leadership on the field.  Coaches love his work ethic, and has been dubbed as a true team player.


Sixth Round pick 32:



At 5'11 205 Baron Batch would be a good third down back for the Broncos.  Had 57 receptions as a junior and 32 as a senior.  Has great speed and elusiveness.  Could go great with Knowshon and Lendale White.


Round 7 pick 2:



Stephen Skelton is a tight end for Fordham.  6'5 245, has put up solid numbers as a receiving tight end.  Need more options here with Gronk and Quinn.  Could serve as a decent special teamer and perhaps catch a few balls from Tebow.


2011 mock depth chart:

QB: Tebow, Orton Quinn

RB: Moreno, White, Batch, Buckhalter

FB: Larsen

TE: Gronk, Quinn, Skelton

WR: Lloyd, Thomas, Gaffney, Royal, Decker

OT: Clady, Harris, Clark

OG: Kuper, Beadles, Daniels

C: Walton, Olsen



LDE: Ayers, Beal

DT: Fairley, Bannan

DT: Vickerson, Thomas

RDE: Dumervil, Hunter

Will: Dj, Woodyard

Mike: Mays, Robinson

SAM: Foster, Haggan

CB: Champ, Cox, Vaughn

SS: Tate, Hill

FS: McBath, Bruton

CB: Goodman, Squid



DE: Fairley, Bannan

NT: Vickerson, Williams

DE: Thomas, Bannan

LOLB: Ayers, Beal

ILB: Foster, Haggan

ILB: DJ, Woodyard

ROLB: Dumervil, Hunter

secondary is the same


I think this goes to show that if we can get the right players for this team and impact guys we could be on the way to a great team.  Without any free agent signings we add 4 starters to the defense (Dumervil) and it looks a lot better.  The offense needs more o line depth and better TE and the defense could use another corner and linebacker but this team is in good position to really improve.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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