McCoy is a keeper! With Mock for a 3-4

I personally am pleased with the hiring of John Fox as our 14th Head Coach. I think he has a proven track record of installing toughness into a team. He was the best coach on the market. Players love playing for him and he will bring much needed consistency to the defensive side of the ball. I like the idea of keeping McCoy on as our OC for two major reasons.

1) He knows Tebows strengths and weaknesses and averaged 25 ppg while at the helm.

2) With the CBA there is a good chance the season wont begin until August. Thus teams wont have many practices to install plays, schemes etc. Keeping McCoy will allow for the offense to not skip a beat and hit the ground running once the CBA is restructured. He can keep the passing scheme he learned from McDaniels and implement the run game Fox is going to bring with him from Carolina.

If we had to hire a new OC the team would have only a few weeks to learn the scheme and system while the new OC would have limited time learning his players strengths and weaknesses while building a game plan.


Off Season Mock...after the jump...


I honestly think the Fox will keep the 3-4 intact. Elway would like to stick with that because our personnel is better suited. In addition, we just gave Dumerville $60million and at 248lbs he will be a serious liability in the run game in a base 4-3. In addition, getting pressure in the 3-4 is typically because you are able to get mismatches on the edge. You end up with TE and RBs blocking rush OLBs (Elvis, Ayers). Ayers has proven he cant rush the passer and it would only get worse if we line up in a base 4-3 and he goes against Tackles every time.

Key Free Agents:


1) Re-sign Champ Bailey.

2) DeAngelo Williams- Follows Fox to Denver and Fox is a fan of the two RB system. He teams with Moreno to have one of the better backfields in the AFC. he is still young (27) and is versitile.

3) Re-Sign Ryan Harris- When healthy, he is one of the better RTs in the AFC. Fox is a fan of the zone run scheme and Harris was at his best when the offense was running a lot of zone.

4) Bo Scaife- Cheap TE that comes back to his home town. He is affordable and is great in the run game. He also has proven to be an asset in the Redzone (I think Graham is going to be released)

Off-Season Trades: With the CBA in place, team can make trades with current players on their roster until March 4th.

-Kyle Orton to Minnesota for 2nd round pick (43rd overall)- Orton follows McDaniels and the Vikings dont have a lot of holes (other than QB) to contend right away. They can trade their 1st rd pick (11th overall) and collect more picks and select one of the many O/D Linemen that will be available later in the first round.

-Jabar Gaffney to New England for 5th round pick (160th)- New England knows they dont need top flight WR to compete. They have the highest scoring offense in the NFL and not one receiver is taller than 6'0". They bring back Gaffney who has familiarity in their system and he becomes one of Brady's favorite targets.

-DJ Williams to New Orleans for a 3rd rd pick (72nd)- DJ is better suited to be a WLB in a 4-3. He teams up with his old college teammate (Vilma) to form an athletic 4-3 LB core.

Denver Picks in 2011 Draft

1st Rd-2nd overall

2nd Rd- 36th, 43rd (from Vikings for Orton),  45th (from Miami),

3rd Rd- 67th, 72nd (from New Orleans-from Washington for DJ Williams)

5th- 160th (from New England for Gaffney)

6th-192nd (from New England)

7th- 194th

Mock Draft:

1st Rd- *Trade Alert* Broncos trade back and pick up Dallas' 9th pick in 1st rd and 9th pick in the second.

1st Rd-9th Pick-DE/OLB  Robert Quinn-6'6" 270lbs and is a athletic freak. He reportedly runs in the 4.6's and is a spitting image of Julius Peppers. He is athletic enough to play with his hand of the ground in a 3-4 and if the 3-4 experiment doesn't work he can convert to a 4-3 DE. Ayers is a 2 down player PERIOD. He cant rush the QB and Having Quinn and Doom coming off the edge in passing situations would bring an element to the pass rush we havent seen in Bronco Country in some time.


2nd Rd-36th overall-  TE, Notre Dame, Kyle Rudolph 6'6" 260lbs. Is the best TE prospect in the draft. He slips because of injury concerns. A solid TE is key in a young QBs development. Two TE sets are key in the zone run scheme. Rudolph and Scaife will be significant threats in the redzone and Rudolph at 6'6" will be a security blanket for Tebow for years to come.


2nd Rd- 41st overall (From Cowboys)- DT/DE, Wisconsin, JJ Watt 6'6" 290lbs. He is a high motor player who came on strong to end the season for Wisconsin. He is a converted TE and has tremendous athletic ability. The only ris is he might not be here in the second round. If he is there with the first pick in the 2nd, we have to jump on him. He is a perfect fit as a 5 tech in a 3-4 and could slide to a 3 tech in a 4-3.


2nd Rd- 43rd overall (From Vikings)- FS, North Carolina,  Duenta Williams 6'2" 220lbs. A big, fast,  true Center Field safety. A converted receiver and has great hands. He is fast and takes great angles in defending passes. Will instantly start over Ronaldo Hill and be a fixture in the defense for years to come.

2nd Rd- 45th overall (From Miami)- ILB, Illinois,  Martez Wilson 6'4" 250lbs.. A true 3-4 ILB. Is great in the run game and is athletic enough to cover a lot of ground.

3rd Rd (From New Orleans)-NT Hampton, Kenrick Ellis 6'5" 340lbs. A true 3-4 NT. A couple of years working under Williams and he can be the true run stuffer we need in the interior.

5th rd (From New England)- FB UConn, Anthony Sherman-5'11" 240lbs. He has great hands and is fast enough to create mismatches out of the backfield. He has been in a pro style offense at UConn and cleared the way for some pretty good running backs in the Big East.

6th rd (from New England)- OT, Auburn,  Lee Ziemba 6'8" 310 lbs. After a few years of seasoning can be the RT of the Broncos future.

7th rd- RB Virgina Tech Darren Evans- Can become a practice squad player but has the ability to be an NFL caliber starter with a few years under his  belt.

This draft can set the future up for succes for many years and will bring youth into an aging defense.


Go Broncos!

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