Share Your Way Too Early Dream Mock Thread

I thought it might be good to create a kind of open thread so that there aren't 30,000 FanPosts with each user posting their own ideal draft scenario.

A couple rules (or more accurately guidelines I'd like people to follow, since really I can't control what you post) to keep things realistic:

1. Let's avoid pick trades.  Yes trades happen, but putting them in a mock is just dumb.  The NFL is too crazy to predict like that and people very rarely make fair pick trades in mocks.  More likely than not these will be the picks.  Use that framework.  If you'd like them to trade down, just mention it in a "but since these are the picks they have, I'd take..." manner.

2.  Know projected value. Example: Prince Amukamara isn't suddenly going to fall to the Broncos 2nd round pick.  Look at more professional mocks for a guideline.  If a guy is being mocked to be gone 10+ picks earlier than the Broncos the slot, don't put them there.

3. No pressure to pick rounds 6 & 7.  By all means feel free, but if you have any real knowledge about what will happen in those rounds (especially at this point), you should be getting paid to do this stuff.

I'll go first.

Round 1 (2) - Nick Fairley DT Auburn

I think Peterson will turn out to be the better player, but since this is my dream scenario that'd include Champ coming back.  The Broncos haven't had a good DT since Trevor Pryce, so Fairley might be the pick for me even if only out of desperation for some talent at the position.  Luckily Fairley, is a beast.  Now he's not going to be consistently as good as he was in the BCS Championship game (against a slightly suspect Oregon O-Line), but teaming him up with Elvis would make half of the 4-3 super scary and would require coaches to actually gameplan against the D-Line for the first time get the point.  He's not Suh, but he is just a notch below and that would be a massive upgrade and key to Fox establishing his new defensive identity.

Round 2 (36) - Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame

The TEs the Broncos have now don't excel at catching the ball or stretching the field and hence our offense immediately loses a dimension that is becoming more vital in modern offenses (check out both #1 seeds in this year's playoffs if you have any doubt).  Rudolph can provide that immediately.  He's one of the better receiving TEs in recent years, a little bit reminiscent of Greg Olsen.  Basically a TE who for all intents and purposes is a WR.  I will admit that I'm a bit biased as a Notre Dame fan, but also I've seen him play a ton.  I've seen few guys who are as much of a sure thing as a 3rd down target.  If we're going to be starting Tebow from day one next year he needs a reliable safety blanket in the middle and Rudolph can be just that.

Round 2 (46) -
Rahim Moore FS UCLA

Brian Dawkins has had a stellar career, but he ain't getting any younger.  Quite frankly, I've been clamoring for the Broncos to use a high pick on a safety for what seems like forever.  We've need to inject some high-talent youth in the deep defensive backfield for years.  It's great to bring in great vets at the end of their careers, but we could use a safety to establish a long term identity with the Broncos.  Rahim Moore, the top safety in this year's class, would have a chance do that.  Is he the next Ed Reed? No.  But he did notch 10 INTs during the 2009 season and is the type of building block the D could use.

Round 3 (67) -
Jason Pinkston OT Pitt


Fluctuated between a few picks for this one.  It could go CB to protect in case Cox is suspended or worse, could go DE, or could even go with another DT with our 4-3 switch.  However, with Ryan Harris a free agent, a replacement at RT might be the most necessary.  Pinkston isn't the biggest guy (which is weird to say about someone 6'3" 300+ lbs), but that's in part why he could be available this late.  As Broncos fans we know that it's not always the biggest O-Line that wins.  Pinkston could fill the opening hole on the roster and be opening holes for Knowshon for years to come.

So that's my ridiculously too early take.  What's yours?

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