Taking Shape - The 2011 Denver Broncos Coaching Staff

     Hey guys, this isn't going to be a long one.  If you're like me, you like to see things laid out in front of you.  In the past several days, we've been catching glimpses, here and there, of who's going to round out the coaching staff under John Fox.  It's a nice mixture of in house coaches that I wanted to stay, and coaches that I felt needed upgraded (Special Teams / O-Line especially).  In other words, it's pretty darn close to perfect for me.  I'll let you guys describe in the comments how you feel about it, so without further adieu, here it is - the possible, but also very probable, 2011 Denver Broncos coaching staff.

Hopping over the jump......

Head Coach - John Fox

Assistant Head Coach - Jim Skipper


Offensive Coordinator - Mike McCoy (extensive knowledge of Tebow)

Ouarterbacks Coach - Adam Gase (I love this guys work - worked wonders with Kitna in Detroit)

Running Backs Coach - Eric Studesville (Our players love him to death)

Wide Receivers Coach - Tyke Tolbert  (from Carolina, replacing Adam Gase)

Offensive Line Coach - Dave Magazu (from Carolina - thank goodness this was upgraded)

Tight Ends Coach - Clancy Barone? (I'm not sure on this one yet, so by default, I'm leaving the old coach)



Defensive Coordinator - Sean McDermott (from Philadelphia, better than Wink so far)

Linebackers Coach - Richard Smith (from Carolina)

Defensive Line Coach - Wayne Nunnely (Fox has contacted him about staying / Ron Rivera is trying to steal him)

Defensive Backs Coach - Mike Gilhammer (from Carolina) 


Special Teams Coach - Jeff Rodgers (anything's an upgrade over Mike Priefer - it has to be)


P.S.  Before we even hired Fox, I was hoping to keep Gase, Studes, Nunnely, and hoping to part ways with any coach responsible for the O-Line, so I'm doing pretty good right now (Magazu has done a stand up job with Jeff Otah, Jordan Gross, and Ryan Kalil there in Charlotte).  Nunnely hasn't informed anyone of his decision yet, but I'm thinking, and hopeful he'll stay AFC West (he's been in the West forever and a day). I also think Fox will end up keeping Roman Phifer as Assistant LB's, and possibly Wink in some shape or manner (if not, he'll probably follow Rob Ryan to Dallas, and that's OK too)  ~  Thanks for Reading. 

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