Mocking the Mocks or how to make a better Mock

There are quite a few sayings about the best laid plans going to hell.

When I played Madden, I loved the draft.  I would save my game, auto thru the draft, check out the results, reload and draft the best players.  Too many mocks are more like that wishful thinking. 

If your going to throw out a scenario that is best case in all respects, then don't call it a mock.  Call it a fantasy.

What is a realistic mock?

A realistic mock is one that is actually possible, taking into account that many things don't go the way you want.

For example, it's debatable whether Orton's trade value is a 2nd round pick.  Let's assume it's somewhat possible.  If that is the case, a realistic mock would be more conservative and trade Orton for a 3rd.

It is unrealistic that we would sign a player to a long-term contract and then trade them to another team, ala the NBA, or Madden.

It is unrealistic that an employed coordinator would make a lateral move from one team to ours.

If cbssports ranks your fav player at #44, then don't mock that player any higher than #44.  Granted CBS doesn't necessarily  have the crystal ball, but at least it a widely held opinion.

Don't pretend a player will improve greatly from last year to this year.  If Ayers played ok vs the pass last year, then it's better to assume he will be the same player next year.  For every player that actually does improve with a year of experience, there are 10 that hit the waiver wire because they didn't.  Some players fit in other systems, coaches, some need maturity and so on but in most cases, what you see is what you get.  Some players, possibly Tebow, do have what it takes to improve.

It's unrealistic that hometown player would come to Denver for less money. 

On that same note, it's unrealistic that a hometown player "bleeds orange" and would player better here.  I like Bo Scaife from what he did at Mullen as much as the next guy.  But most players are professionals and they are going to give the the same effort from one team to another.

Finally, I do appreciate the hard work other posters do with their mocks.  Fantasy or not, they are fun to read.  Give me a realistic mock, and your conservative approach is your currency.

So next mock, try to avoid this reaction..




--Scrappy Bill

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