2010 - 2011 Season: The No Bull Review

I've been spending some time going over my reviews of this season's games and wanted to do a kind of review of our past season.  It has been a bit harrowing, but I'm hoping it it is helpful to us as a way to get us thinking about what direction our team should head in.  Follow after the jump:


In the beginning...
  • From preseason through the first few games things looked hopeful a bit, but also some glaring weaknesses were already showing up.
  • Our running game struggled mightily early.  I credit this about 70% our young and out-of-synch line / 30% lack of talent with our healthy RBs.  Here's an interesting quote from my fanpost regarding the Seattle game worth repeating:

O-Line A+ on pass protection today.  D on run blocking.  Hear me now Bronco Country:  Their inability to win the LOS and open holes for the RBs is going to lose us precious games if continue to run block so poorly

  • We saw from the start that our defense has almost no chance of creating a pass rush when they send four guys.  It was a constant glaring problem from the start. Here's another gem of a quote from the Seattle game:

Our run defense is starting to suck...against the September.  The sky isn't falling yet, but these guys aren't getting the job done.  We are going to get plowed over by some running games coming up (Balt, Tenn, Oak) if they can't start shutting down the run.  If we don't have a winning record this season, I'm willing to bet it will be due to the poor rush defense.


Now for the meat of the schedule...


  • I was surprised to notice a large amount of my complaining about the coaching in the middle of the year.  In most reviews I either noted very poor play calling on one or both sides of the ball or a vast lack of preparation.  There didn't seem to be any relief in this area...even in the KC game that we won.
  • The O-line settled down a bit once we got a line-up working together that made sense. To this day I don't know why we had Beadles out of position at RT.
  • This also was the area where we first heard about trouble with negotiations with Champ...followed by a few games where I was really questioning his play.  After reviewing this, I really don't think I'll care much if we lose him this off-season.  I don't want guys that don't leave it all out on the field
  • DJ was really playing inconsistently...I'm going to stand by my opinion that we need to get rid of him or at the very least move him to Will in a 4 - 3.  He is NOT a quality MLB / ILB.

To close this aberration of a season:


  • They skies grew bright and a ray of sunshine delivered unto the Broncos Country.....................a rookie QB.  Granted Tebow played very well a the end of the year, he went 1 - 3.  He looked awful at times (I expected that of course), and he had a fantastic come-back against Houston.  There is most definitely potential there to work with though and I can see it.  I'm looking forward to seeing how much he can progress this off-season.
  • The defense looked lost to me in the last 4 games...we didn't defend well in either area with any consistency.  I think this says a lot about the abilities of Wink to be a DC.  He had the whole season to get these guys doing the right things and could never make it work.  I don't believe for a second that the lack of talent is the only glaring problem with the defense.

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