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     What's up MHR?  How are you awesome Broncomaniacs doing today (tonight)?  I've been busy the past few days, and haven't had tons of time to check on the pulse of our beloved Broncos (Mile High Report = Adam Schefter).  It seems that there is now a, bench Tim Tebow, start Kyle Orton, movement stirring within in the crowd, and the logic behind it is the supposed fact that John Fox prefers his veterans, and doesn't really give rookies or first year players the time of day (much like our always animated friend, John Gruden, known by some as Chucky). 

     I'm not only going to show you fine people that this is a fallacy, I'm going to completely blow the roof off of it, by showing you that John Fox has always depended on young players, if they are the best player in line.  So without wasting anymore of your time, let's throw away that empty pudding cup with the proof now in hand (the butterscotch pudding was devine, but nowhere near as visceral and introspective as Grind Core's Basement Jubilee Karate Party Punch).

Follow me over the treacherous jump, if you dare.


     I'm going to list the year in which Fox was Head Coach (2002-2010), followed by the corresponding number of rookie / first year / second year players, that started games for the Carolina Panthers.  After you see this, you will realize that Fox is actually on par with most of the Head Coaches around the league (in terms of the amount of young guys they rely upon).  Keep in mind, just because a player is a starter, doesn't mean they started all 16 games (even though some of them did).  The point is, John Fox is not afraid to use young players, and never has been.



Rookie Starters:  Julius Peppers (DE) ~ Will Witherspoon (MLB).

1st Year Starters:  Steve Smith (WR/KR/PR) ~ Kris Jenkins (DT) ~ Dan Morgan (MLB) ~ Brian L. Allen (OLB) ~ Deon Grant (FS) ~ Shayne Graham (K).

2nd Year StartersBrad Hoover (FB) ~ Reggie Howard (CB).



Rookie StartersMike Seidman (TE) ~ Jordan Gross (RT) ~ Ricky Manning (CB).

1st Year Starters:  Julius Peppers (DE) ~ Will Witherspoon (OLB).

2nd Year Starters:  Steve Smith (WR/PR) ~ Rod Smart, aka. He-Hate-Me (KR) ~  Kris Jenkins (DT) ~ Dan Morgan (MLB) ~ Deon Grant (FS).



Rookie StartersKeary Colbert (WR) ~ Michael Gaines (TE) ~ Travelle Wharton (LG) ~ Chris Gamble (CB) ~  Jamall Broussard (PR/KR).

1st Year Starters:  Mike Seidman (TE) ~ Jordan Gross (LT) ~ Kindal Moorehead (DT) ~ Ricky Manning (CB) ~  Colin Branch (FS).

2nd Year Starters:  Julius Peppers (DE) ~ Will Witherspoon (OLB).



Rookie Starters:  No rookie starters this year, but many played a role like Thomas Davis (OLB) ~ Evan Mathis (OG).

1st Year Starters:  Keary Colbert (WR) ~ Michael Gaines (TE) ~ Travelle Wharton (LT) ~ Jordan Carstens (DT) ~ Chris Gamble (CB).

2nd Year Starters:  DeShaun Foster (RB) ~ Jordan Gross (RT).



Rookie Starters:  Richard Marshall (CB) ~ DeAngelo Williams (KR).

1st Year Starters:  Geoff Hangartner (OC) ~ Evan Mathis (RG) ~ Thomas Davis (OLB).

2nd Year Starters:  Michael Gaines (TE) ~ Jeremy Bridges (RT) ~ Chris Gamble (CB/PR).



Rookie Starters:  Jon Beason (MLB/OLB) ~ Ryne Robinson (PR/KR).

1st Year Starters:  DeAngelo Williams (RB) ~ Jeff King (TE) ~ Richard Marshall (CB).

2nd Year Starters:  Drew Carter (WR) ~ Thomas Davis (OLB) ~ Chris Harris (SS).



Rookie Starters:  Jonathan Stewart (RB) ~ Jeff Otah (RT) ~ Charles Godfrey (FS).

1st Year Starters:  Dante Rosario (TE) ~ Ryan Kalil (OC) ~ Jon Beason (MLB).

2nd Year Starters:  DeAngelo Williams (RB) ~ Jeff King (TE).



Rookie Starters:  Sherrod Martin (FS) ~ Captain Munnerlyn (CB/PR) ~ Mike Goodson (KR) ~ Tony Fiammetta (FB).

1st Year Starters:  Jonathan Stewart (RB) ~ Mackenzy Bernadeau (LG) ~ Jeff Otah (RT) ~ Charles Godfrey (FS).

2nd Year Starters:  Matt Moore (QB) ~ Dante Rosario (TE) ~ Jon Beason (MLB).



Rookie Starters:  Jimmy Clausen (QB/Pansy) ~ Brandon LaFell (WR) ~ Greg Hardy (DE) ~ David Gettis (WR) ~ Jordan Pugh (DB) ~ Robert McClain (DB).

1st Year Starters:  Sherrod Martin (FS) ~ Everette Brown (DE) ~ Tony Fiammetta (FB) ~ Mike Goodson (RB) ~      Nic Harris (OLB) ~ Captain Munnerlyn (CB/PR/KR) ~ Garry Williams (OT) ~ Jason Williams (LB).

2nd Year Starters:  Gary Barnidge (TE) ~ Mackenzy Bernadeau (LG) ~ Dan Conner (MLB) ~ Charles Godfrey (DB) ~ Nick Hayden (DT) ~ Geoff Schwartz (OT) ~ Jonathan Stewart (RB).

 Keep in mind, this list only the shows the young players who started games.  It doesn't show the many young players who perhaps didn't start, but played key roles in all, or some games.

     There you have it folks, proof that John Fox has no disdain for younger players, and he will start you if you're the best guy.  In our case, Tebow is the best guy.  God Bless!!!                              

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