1.21 Jigowatts!!

Have any of you guys traveled to the future?

I haven't.  I would love to though.  Especially if it involves a DeLorean and self lacing Nikes, hoverboards, and a solve for the energy crisis in the form of a trash to gas converter called 'Mr. Fusion' attached to every car.

Why am I blathering on about time travel?

Because apparantly a few of you have been to the future and back.  I guess you don't even need to watch the preseason or wait for the draft or ride out this CBA issue.  You already know the facts!

It's totally fine to have a strong opinion.  Especially when there are facts to lean on.

But when we're talking about John Fox's history of playing the young guys and how it applies to the Broncos (like in Palehorse's recent post that turned into a foodfight), mock drafts (how can you know who we'll take?  It's one thing to throw a name or hypothetical trade out there just for conversation's sake, but its another to proclaim that "oh, he won't be availble there!" - you can't know that), and any speculative topic.  Some of you know this already, but when you talk about things that haven't happened yet, it's best to refrain from speaking in absolutes.

To me, this is the fun time.  We didn't have a good year.  We are reforming our team.  We are forming a new identity and we should be excited to see what types of players we're after and what strategy for success the new regime employs.  It's even more fun to speculate about it.  But please don't purport to know the results before they're in.  Speculating is one thing, screaming the loudest because you think you're right is another. 

Just because I think Denver would be crazy not to take a D-Lineman with the #2 pick and you want Denver to take Peterson doesn't mean that I think you’re a moron.  It means we agree to disagree and we can debate it further without ridiculousness and personal attacks entering the conversation.  I expect the conversation to be civil.  And I truly hope that we can refrain from too much side taking and partisan behavior. That’s when I stop logging on, and I know I’m not the only one.

All I can ask is for everyone to please try and understand where everyone else if coming from too.  If you say your piece, cool.  But you don't have to keep whacking it over everyone's heads in here.  MHR is too good of a forum for that kind of thing.  If you think someone is wrong, cool.  But if you took it personally or it upset you, log off.

It's annoying to scroll down into the comment section just to see a really good post get hijacked or off topic because of a squabble over a subject with no obvious outcome.

Let's remember that we have not been to the future and back.  Even if we feel like we are pretty sure something will or won't happen.  It's just a game.  The NFL is big business entertainment. 

On a side note, if you have been to the future, please let me know.  My email is in my profile and I would love to see how my kids turn out and what the Broncos look like in a few years.  I will pay top dollar to see even a month into the future.  And yes, I will have you drop me off at the sports book in Vegas on the way back home. 

But until then, let's continue to have a great bar-room discussion over the maybes of the future without the amateurish name calling and side-taking and vitriolic behavoir.

Go Broncos.

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