A Mock draft with trades some will like and some will not!!!

Yes I am back at it.  I think that I am very excited that John Fox is Denver's Head Coach and I think that The Denver Broncos are going to be back in The Playoff Picture soon.   I do think that Denver is going to switch back to a 4-3 Defense and this might cause some changes in Personnel.  I also read on that Jamaal Williams has been released!!!  This makes me believe 100% that the 4-3 Defense is back.

I have to admit there is a chance that Orton does get traded.  I don't agree with this option but it is definetely Possible , so here it goes.


1.        Kyle Orton - Traded to the Vikings for a 2nd Round Pick and 6th.  I think Orton would be a great fit in Minnesota with Adrian Peterson and a good defense.  I think that there probably will be a couple of teams interested in Orton and Minnesota offers a extra 6th Round Pick to sweeten the deal.

2.        Elvis Dumervil - Traded to New England for their 1st Round Pick(17th) and 4th(124th)  New England needs a pass rushing OLB and have too many picks and need a great pass rusher to get them over the top.  

3.        Jabbar Gaffney - Traded to St Louis for a 5th Round Pick - McDaniels loves Gaffney and they will be reunited again.


Free Agents signed

1.       Champ Bailey - signs his 4 year deal worth $41 million - Denver locks up it's Elite CB for the next 4 years. 

2.       Charles Johnson - DE - Carolina - signs a 4 year deal worth $21 million - Johnson had 11 Sacks last year for John Fox and will slide right into Denver's 4-3 Defense.


3.        DeAngelo Williams - RB - Carolina - signs a 3 year deal worth $12 million -  Williiams teams with Moreno to give Denver a true 1-2 punch.  Buckhalter is cut or not resigned.


4.        Donte Whitner - Safety - Buffalo - signs a 5 year deal worth $18 million -  Whitner is only 25 and would be a great addition to Denver's Defense.


5.        Ed Johnson - DT - Carolina - Signs a 3 year deal worth $5 million - Johnson is a good DT if he can keep clean.  He has been with Foxy in Carolina.




1st Round Pick -------------------------------------------------------------------     Nick Fairley - DT - Auburn - 6'5" 305lbs - 56 Tackles and 12 Sacks.  I think it is going to come down to Fairley or Bowers and it is a 60% chance that Fairley is available with Carolina maybe going AJ Green or DaQuan Bowers.


1st Round Pick(17th via New England)------------------------------------     Trade - Denver trades down to the 21st Pick and picks up another 3rd Round Pick.

1st Round Pick(21st Pick)----------------------------------------------------      Gabe Carimi - OT - Wisconsin - 6'7" 327lbs - Denver drafts this Road Grader to play Right Tackle.


2nd Round Pick-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     Jimmy Smith - CB - Colorado - 6'2" 205lbs - Denver drafts this CU CB who allowed only 11 Completions last 2 years.


2nd Round Pick(via Vikings) -----------------------------------------------------------------------     Quinton Carter - S - Oklahoma - 96 Tackles and 4 Int's - Denver adds this very good Safety to pair with Whitner and McBath.


2nd Round Pick(via Miami)------------------------------------------------------    Jeremy Beal - OLB/DE - Oklahoma - 6'3" 267lbs - 72 Tackles and 9 Sacks - Beal would be a great addition to Denver's Defense.


3rd Round Pick ----------------------------------------------------------------------     Mason Foster - LB - Washington - 6'2" 242lbs - 162 Tackles and 7 Sacks - Denver adds youth behind DJ , Haggans and Woodyard.


3rd Round Pick(via trade back from 17th)----------------------------------------------------------    Owen Mareric - FB/LB - Stanford - 6'2" 242lbs - Denver finally gets a great FB on the team.


4th Round Pick(via New England)----------------------------------------------------------------------   Andre Smith - TE - Virginia Tech - 6'4" 272lbs - Denver adds this very solid TE to the team.


5th Round Pick(via St Louis)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------   Wayne Daniels - LB - TCU - 6'2" 250lbs - Daniels is another good LB.


6th Round Pick ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    Weslye Saunders - TE -South Carolina - 6'5" 271lbs  - Denver adds 2 TE's to the team in desperate need of TEs.


6th Round Pick-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    Jason Teague - CB - TCU - 6'2" 200lbs - Denver adds another TCU player to the team.


6th Round Pick-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    TRADED to a team for a 2012 5th Round Pick


Denver's starting Defense.

Robert Ayers/Jeremy Beal(passing downs)------------Nick Fairley -------   Justin Bannan ------- Charles Johnson

Mario Haggan ------------------------------------     DJ Williams -----------------   Mason Foster

Champ Bailey -------------------------Donte Whitner ------ Quinton Carter ----------- Jimmy Smith

Final Thoughts

1.        Yes we trade Dumervil but we draft Gabe Carimi and Andre Smith.  Carimi will be a ROAD GRADER for years.

2.        Charles Johnson is a player who Denver might end up with and had 11 Sacks in 2010.

3.        Keeping Champ is a must and adding Jimmy Smith would be sick!!!!

4.        I love the idea of strengthening both the Dline(Fairley) and Oline(Carimi).  Denver needs to address the RT position.

5.        I hope that Denver doesn't trade Orton but it is possible.

Go Broncos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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