Dream Mock Draft for the Broncos

We all know that the Broncos have huge needs on the defensive side of the ball. In this post, I will rank the top draft prospects by position of need. My rankings are based off of Broncos needs at each position. I highlighted just one player and the best player at that respective position.  My rankings are based off of video analysis and projected draft position. I will highlight the best prospect in the round the Broncos could/should be targeting the respective player.

Areas of Need:

-Defensive Line

-Secondary (both safety and CB)


-Tight End


Lets start the show:

Broncos Target in the First Round:


Defensive Line/OLB:

DeQuan Bowers, DE/OLB, 6'3" 280 lbs from Clemson. I put him here because he is athletic enough (reportedly runs a 4.6 in the 40) to play DE in a 4-3 and if we pursue Mike Trgovac (as reported) to run the defense, there is a good chance we stick with the 3-4. He is currently the D-Line coach under Dom Capers who is a 3-4 defensive genius. Bowers is an athletic freak and led the nation in sacks this year. This will put Ayers as a two down player (where he belongs) and having Doom and Bowers coming off the edge will be a QBs nightmare and create turnovers in the secondary.



Da'Quan Bowers Highlights Part 1 (Eminem Version) (via clemson2311)



Patrick Peterson, CB LSU is the top prospect at corner. That being said, assuming we draft Bowers in the first round we have to settle for the best 2nd round prospect. This is a huge area of need, according to Woody Paige, Champ will be resigned and Parish Cox could be sent to the penitentiary or suspended for a significant period of time.

Broncos Target in the 2nd Round:

Aaron Williams, CB Texas at 6'1" 200lbs he is a good sized corner. He is a good asset in the run game and due to Texas' slide this season, he will fall into the second round. he will learn under Champ and could be a fixture in the secondary for years to come.


Aaron Williams vs. Nebraska ('09) (via AloAloysius)


Safety (Additional 2nd round pick from Miami)


Robert Sands, FS West Virginia 6'4" 220lbs. He is an athletic freak. Safety is a position that is very deep with 2nd round prospects. I looked at video of everyone the Broncos should target and Robert Sands is the most impressive. He is not afraid to come up and make the big hit and he covers a lot of ground in the secondary. He is so impressive, I wouldnt mind if the Broncos targeted him with the 1st pick in the 2nd round. If you dont believe this highlight video. He will be a fixture for the Broncos for the next 10 years....


Predator 2 (Robert Sands Sophomore Highlights) (via dougitydog)


Broncos Target in the 3rd Round:



Bruce Carter, ILB 6'2" 240 lbs from North Carolina. He is a late 1st or 2nd rd talent that falls because of a knee injury. He is a tackling machine that would instantly (when healthy) upgrade the LB position. He is an athletic athletic is he? Watch this video....


Bruce Carter INT - UNC v. Rutgers (via dooksucks24)


Broncos Target in the 6th round:

Wesley Saunders, TE, 6'5" 260lbs South Carolina: He is a stud athlete who falls because of character concerns. He is a legitimate 2nd round talent (maybe 1st if he played this season) and would be an instant upgrade over the current TEs on our roster.

Broncos Target in the 7th Round:

Anthony Shurman, FB Uconn- 6'2" 240lbs. I know this is going out on a ledge, but he reminds me a lot of Peyton Hillis. He has the size and hands of Hillis but lacks in the speed department. He has played in a pro offense and lead the way for some pretty impressive running attacks the last 3 years.






If the Broncos found a way to get these players, there is a chance they found themselves longtime starters with all 6 picks...lets hope they do. Thoughts?

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