Thoughts on Broncos Linebackers


It appears to me that the Broncos are moving back to the 4-3. Given that assumption, here is my analysis of the linebackers currently on the team, projecting them to their 4-3 positions:

Wesley Woodward - I know he was an inside linebacker in the 3-4. His strengths are speed and coverage. I say he could be a great WLB in the 4-3.
Mario Haggan - Mario played LOLB and LILB and even one game at ROLB in the 3-4 scheme. I say he projects are a great 4-3 SLB. Strong on the run, some coverage skills and can rush the passer.
Jason Hunter - Situational pass-rusher. I thought he was very inconsistant and not sure where he could play in a 4-3.

Joe Mays - Special teams stud and a guy that looks like he could be a strong backup and/or situational starter.

Elvis Dumervil - nickel/dime/3rd RDE that will post double digit sacks once again
Robert Ayers - I didn't like the draft pick because he looked to be a 4-3 LDE. He seems good against the rush, I just don't see any pass-rush skills. The new regime will have no allegiance to him, so I think he will have to earn his job. We'll see

Have I left someone out?
This brings us to DJ Williams.

I see in the mocks that everyone has him back to MLB in the 4-3. I personally think that would be a fail. He was terrible when he played that for the last years of the Shanahan era. He can't get off the block and he really doesn't play as big as he is.
His best position is the 4-3 WLB where he can use his speed to make tackles. He's only adequate in coverage and that's why Woodyard was in the nickel and dime packages in the Shanahan days and DJ was off the field.
DJ will be facing a suspension this year for his 2rd DUI (allegedly). He won't talk to the media and I question his leadership. I would love if the Broncos could trade him for a mid round pick and we could move on. I would prefer to what Woodyard can do.

Looking the possible 2011 FA's, I really like Kirk Morrison. He's a 2 down run-stuffer that would help the running game immensely and he wouldn't demand a large contract. Stephen Tulloch from Tennesse is a stud, but I'm not sure that the Broncos would pay his contract. I know everyone here loves Chad Greenway and he would be a wonderful upgrade at SLB and if the Broncos could sign him, I would be happy. He is probably the number 1 OLB which would guarantee a monstrous contract and it's looking like he could get franchised. Someone I could see the Broncos sign is Takeo Spikes because he produces in every system he's played and they could sign him to decent, one-year contract.

I would hope the Broncos will draft one or more LB's this April. I'm starting to research possible options in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. We certainly need to get younger and better at the LB position.


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