My Thoughts on the Broncos (What Sean would do)

Good Morning fellow fans.  Welcome to Conference Championship Sunday.  Should be a great day of football.  My picks are Green Bay over Chicago in a close and very cold game, and Steelers stomp Jets in a very cold game.   These should be fun defensive battles in challenging weather.

I am not going to try and pick players here.  There are lots of mocks out there and frankly I don't follow college at all.  Ok, ready for this?    Let's jump

     First off I want to say I am very disappointed in the past two seasons.  I still can't believe Mr. Bowlen gave a rookie headcoach so much power.  But he did and we now have a royal mess for a team from top to bottom.  Two good moves have been made at this point.  The Broncos have brought in a defensive minded coach, this should be very interesting as he is the first since Wade Phillips and I expect him to do better than Wade did or would if he had come back.  Hiring John Elway!  I love this move and have expected it to happen at some point since he retired from playing.  I understand the concern of many fans, there are not a lot of  players that have been able to succeed at moving into the front office.  Mr. Elway has spent his time since playing grooming himself for this chance, it was not a gamble.  He has front office experience not only running but creating a winning sports franchise.  Pat Bowlen played a big part in making that happen as well so you know this was a part of a long term plan.  He is not perfect, there are well documented mistakes.  I am glad to know he is not perfect  :D  He has not made a mess of his life, he has not been a bad boy, he has not even been involved in legal trouble or scandal.  I don't count the ponzi scheme as a scandal, personally I figure that was more of a bad advice situation.  So, we have two good moves made.  Next John Fox has retained most of the offensive staff, I love this move as well.  There have been endless opinions on MHR over the past two seasons recounting the lack of defensive attention, well, now we will get that.  These are very good first steps in getting back to  "The Bronco Way".

     Ok So,  (What Sean would do).  Leave the offense alone!  Let the players we have work and compete for starting spots, as I am sure they will.  Are there weaknesses that could be worked on?  Of course, but we have bigger needs.  The big topic on offense is our QB situation.  I have put together some stats listed below.  Why you say?  This has been done to death, just leave it alone already.   Right?  Forgetting that we have a talented rookie ready to start, we need stability on our team.  However we can get that!  One of the arguments is money.  If I figure this right we actually save money by keeping KO as our starter, if TT starts 50% or more his bonuses will exceed the cost of both with KO starting.  The other big point is how boring KO is and his inability to  score in the red zone.  I take boring for a year and IMO the redzone scoring issue is a team issue not to be put on the QB's shoulders.

According to Football outsiders

Passer rating, min. 100 passes (46 players ranked)

12 Kyle Orton {2009 12}

{2009 31} B Quinn

42 J Delhomme {2009 33}

Passing, Others 10-99 passes

1 Tim Tebow

{2009 18) C Simms, That is second from last on the list.


Rushing, Minimum 8 rushes (38 players ranked)

5 Tim Tebow

{2009 6} B Quinn

18 Kyle Orton {2009 32)

J Delhomme, not listed {2009 30}

{2009 not listed} C Simms

2010 ESPN passer rankings 

10.  Kyle Orton  {2009 11}

39. J. Delhomme  {2009 26}

{2009 31} B Quinn

44. T Tebow  Two numbers here.  Wins per 100 plays, NFL ranking

9 - 26  Tim Tebow

12-19  Kyle Orton

45-43 Jake Delhomme


     We have stats to include our starter and back up for the past two years and one suggested backup for the future.  Please, please don't get Delhomme.  He is not what we need, Quinn is better and we already have him.  Kyle Orton is ranked/rated very nicely.  Most of his numbers on all those sites are above average, in  some cases very good.  There is a system in place with most of the major players still here to run it.  

     I looked around a little bit for info on our new Special Teams coach but did not find a lot.  He does have many years of experience and Carolina's numbers last year were ok.  One punt run back for a touchdown last year, no kickoffs run back for a td.  Oddly one punt and one kickoff each were run back for 84 yards.  These numbers are defending against the runbacks.  We have some good ST players and so lets see what the new coach can do with the talent we have.

     Defense Baby!  That's right, this is where we should all be looking to start the new direction.  We still need a DC so it is pretty hard to say what direction we will go.  Our HC has experience in both 4-3 and 3-4 and seems to be able to work with the talent he has.  I don't think we will have to worry  to much about who our DC is because John Fox can mentor this side of the ball ( if he is not busy also trying to rebuild the O ).  Top priority here is the Defensive line.  We need to build a wall to stop the run!  Let me say that again, WE NEED TO STOP THE RUN!  We are ok in the secondary, maybe we are getting old, maybe we will lose Champ Bailey.  Even so, our secondary does not need to be fixed as much as the line and linebackers.

     So, that is what I would do and what I hope the Broncos do.  Thanks for taking a look and have fun watching football later today.



This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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