The Return of True Bronco Pride

Even though our team completed playing football games weeks ago (with the fewest number of wins since the 16-game seasons began), the Broncos season wasn't really over until yesterday. The collective fan base had it's eyes on Jay Cutler, still linked to his successes and failures from all that transpired during the last two years. There are plenty who hoped he would succeed, missing his arm and abilities which were once displayed to Bronco receivers; and there were plenty who hoped he would throw beautiful spirals to the Packers' defensive backs in the red-zone and let his team down.

The game is over. The Bears players can play golf with Broncos players next weekend. Both teams fell short of their ultimate goal, though the Bears got to at least sniff it. The inner vessel must be cleansed before the outer vessel can be. Today, truly is the day for Denver to focus on itself, so that we can build support for our city, our team, and return our fan base to classiness and true Bronco pride.

We really can't go on living like this people - always checking the box scores to see what former Broncos did in other games. It's time to really let it go. The NFC Championship should be the last time we all ever do that, whether we loved or hated Cutler, Marshall, McDaniels, Shanahan, Hillis, Alphonso Smith, Rod Bernstein, Tony Dorsett, Gerald Perry, Clarence Kay, and/or Tommy Maddox. Let's move forward.

I think had Jay been able to take his team to a Super Bowl with a victory yesterday, our fan base would have been more divided and filled with more vitriol. Today is a good day to forget about that. We don't have Jay Cutler on the roster anymore. Let's not wish the worst for him. He's got his own demons to battle, and I think we all know he still may be great someday, but we have much more to be concerned about here in Denver. We need to get behind the FO and new coaching staff. We need to believe in the process and cheer for our guys.


Culter struggled yesterday and didn't finish the game. I'm pretty sure his MCL injury is legit, and I wouldn't question his 2nd half on the bench. We know that guy would go back out on the field whether he'd thrown 4 TDs or 4 picks in the first half. He's demonstrated that plenty of times previously. Let's let the media and other NFLers throw him under the bus if they want to. We can be above that here. Denver Bronco fans are educated and passionate, but we should be classy too.



Raiders fans always wait until after a win and will then put up smack-talk on my Facebook because they are poor sports (and I think they learn that from Lakers' fans). If you really believe, talk a good game beforehand and then cheer for your team. So going over to Bears' blogs after a loss to talk crap is Raiderish. Ugh. Let's rise above Broncoites.

I'm 31 and have watched every Bronco game I could since I was 4. I can't remember as much Denver booing as I've heard during the past 24 months (McDaniels tenure, Melo-drama, Avs fans for the young defensemen). I really don't what happened. We all did okay during the 80's and 90's without everything going our way everytime. I don't know when we as a city turned petulant and snide. Let's leave that to the obnoxious in Philly, Boston, and NYC.

I'm excited about the future. John Elway has returned to restore balance to the Force. I don't know how high Tim Tebow can climb, but after watching his documentary, I will certainly not bet against him, and I love that I get to cheer for him. We should get great draft picks, and I think we'll get another few years from Champ as well as Moreno's best year so far (2011), and 16 games of DOOM. I think our OLine will be its best in since Clady was a rookie with healed players and consistency across the front. I wouldn't trade our WR corps for that of any other team. Assuming CBA gets done (I think it will with a shortened pre-season), 2011 should be a great time to be a Broncos fan. Even with the growing pains of a rebuilding franchise, the season will go better if we're supportive rather than questioning.

Out with the bad air, in with the good (Peter Sellers, Pink Panther). Let's not boo our guys. Let's be positive. That energy from us, the fans, is very valuable to the players and the team administrators.

If you're happy Jay Culter is hurt, shame on you. If you're satisfied he had a bad game on a big stage, then let it be a silent victory one last time for you and let it go. If you want to go cause trouble in other fan bases after a loss, then you shouldn't be part of the new and improved classy Denver Broncos franchise. If we're going to debate the roster-worthiness of Orton, DJ, Ryan Harris, Dawkins, or anyone else, let's do so in a respectful manner. 

Life doesn't always allow many chances to hit the reset button, but sports do from time to time. I think that's exactly what we've been presented. Let's not spoil this next chance to become better. I think we're about to get a quality DC (Trgovac or maybe we could overpay for Lebeau), and we get to show our support.

If you spend next season talking trash to Bears/Lions/Dolphins/Redskins fans, then you're not building True Bronco Pride.

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