Transparency = Hard Knocks?

I've watched Hard Knocks on HBO since the series first started running and always wanted for the Broncos to do a season. I knew Mike Shannan would never allow it to happen or McD with his Belicheck mentality. With  Elway at the Helm now, and hearing him talk about our franchise becoming more transparent, I believe the HBO crew could be on its way. But do we have the Star Power?   

    Maybe we never had the star power to pull off a Hard Knocks. Lets examine our Cast vs. Last years Jets to see if we could intrigue HBO. Remember stats dont matter to an HBO exec but Star Power does.


Player's Coach with a strong voice and wisdom:

Rex Ryan vs. Coach Fox

Ryan: The Star of Last Years Show. Voted as "Coach most would like to play for" by NFL players. Not afraid to put his foot in his mouth or his wife's err....

Fox: Savvy coach with a strong message. Mild Mannered and well spoken.

Advantage: Ryan; Fox is a few dozen F' Bombs away from taking over a the star of NFL coaches.



Up and Coming Young QB:

Tebow vs. Sanchez

Tebow: The most watched and critiqued rookie in history of the NFL. Probably putting Bowlen's great great great great great Grand Kids through college with his jersey sales alone.  How many times have you watched "Everything in Between"?

Sanchez: Easy on the ladie's eyes. Nick named "the Sanchize" within his first couple snaps as Jets QB by Head Coach.

Advantage: Tebow in a land slide; Tebow is the most celebrated rookie in NFL history and has a heavy fan market across the nation. Even the haters have watched the Documentary more than once.


The Savvy old Vet battling for a Roster Spot:

B Dawk vs. T Rich

B Dawk: The Broncos vocal leader and Heart Beat. Preacher like motivation.

T Rich: Had everyone pulling for him. Was cut and brought back because of his leadership skills.

Advantage: B Dawk;  T Rich's face time was given to the "Terminator". B Bawk equals good TV.


The "Prove Everyone Wrong Player"


LT: Had a chip on his shoulder all last year which makes for good TV. Wanted to prove his old team wrong for relaeasing him.

B LLOYD: Wanted to prove his 18 teams wrong for cutting him.

Advantage: B LLOYD; Here is where we get our F BOMB material from. Told a group of reporters that he would like to tell his last couple of teams "F!!! U" in the most respectful way possible. Lets face it LT was a hang nail away from sitting on he sidelines with his helmet on trying to ignore the cameras.


The UnderDog

WoodHead vs Willis

Woodhead: 5'0 135 lb running back trying to making a strong push for a roster spot.

Willis: Coming off IR to battle for a roster spot at the Broncos Deepest position. Showed Flahes last preseason.

Advabtage: Woodhead; I still like watching him run wild for the Pats while the Jets scratch their head knowing what they lost. "If Woodhead played in the 50's they would now be saying, Damn that guy runs like Danny Woodhead"


Head Honcho

Tannebaum vs Elway

Advantage: Elway; no need to argue Broncos look to their Greatest to return them to greatness= great TV.


Baby Daddy Player

Cromartie vs ?

Advantage: Cromartie; Broncos dont have a chance in this category unless we can get a special guest appearance from Travis Henry.



JETS vs. Broncos (Star Power)

Advantage; Broncos 4 to 3. Hard Knocks please or at least bring back FAN FAIR Mr Bowlen!!!!!!!!!!!

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