Offseason Insanity Plea- Tight End version

   Well, that time of year has arrived...nothing but speculation until draft day.  So I thought I would throw out an idea that is probably more hair-brained than most, but at least has the merit of being least I haven't seen it suggested yet.  Since is my first post, I hope you guys don't wear spurs.  The thought occurred after reading several posts indicating the need for a change at TE, and suggesting maneuvers  to fill it with draft picks or FA.   Lost in a daydream about our SB days, and remembering how Sharp and Elway made it look so easy, I was struck with how much less mobile and athletic the TE of today seems compared to Sharp, but then it struck me that Sharp was a bit small even for his own era.  Could that version of TE still be effective?  Then it struck me...we have somebody right on our own team that could conceivably function in the same manner.  Big enough and tough enough to be a TE on the mold of Sharp, but even  faster than Sharp, and he is even done some blocking in his college career.  Intrigued, I laid out some Pros and Cons as below, and eventually decided the best use of this idea was to simply remember the possibility in case things don't work out for him at his present position.  The man??... (don't go crazy on me, it's not Tebow, and I already believe it is probably not the best use of this man's talents right now)... Demarius Thomas. I'll try using the jump for those that have not already committed this post to file 13.   Uh.... OK, maybe I won't as I can't get the d***  thing to do what I want it to do.

   First for the measurables.  Sharp is listed as playing at 6'2", 228#.  He had a 13 year career, totally greater than 10,000 yards in receptions.  Compare that to our present quartet which lists Quinn at 6-4, 255#, Coates at 6-3, 264#, Graham at 6-3, 257#, and Grankowski (whom I still find interesting) at 6-5,  255#.  I doubt any of our guys reach anywhere near that level of production in receptions.    Our man DT is listed at 6-3, 229#, and by all accounts is faster than most if not all of the TE and LBs around the league.  Sure seems like he could be a matchup problem in the right scheme (oops, a potential problem raises its ugly head).   So, how about those Pros and Cons?


  1. We are heavily laden with WR talent, and have trouble even getting them all on the active roster much less on the field.
  2. The FA or draft pick we save could be used for other needs, and lord knows we can use help at many different positions (primarily defense, of course).
  3. No other option would give us the option of a true deep threat from the TE position.  Can you imagine the seam routes being that deep and that fast?  Put Lloyd on the same side and let's just see who gets attention from the safety.
  4. DT actually did some pretty decent blocking duties, albeit at the college level, at Georgia Tech.

And guess what?  His name isn't Daniel! (JK)


  1. The new scheme and coaching staff may not use the TE enough to outweigh his usefulness at WR.  Fox's run-heavy tendencies with deep strikes at appropriate times would seem to fit DT at WR pretty well.
  2. Although Sharp did a pretty decent job of blocking from his TE position, this is not the same offense.  It is not the same on the defensive side either...his blocking assignment is going to be a very different animal.  Giving up the mass at TE just may not be the best move.
  3. Unless one was considering this move as permanent, this is a bad idea.  If this was a temporary move or if the experiment does not work out, then doing this to DT would just slow his development at WR. 
  4. We have no idea what DT thinks of this.  He deserves his shot at his position of choice, just as I believe Tebow does.

Well, this is what happens when there is no real football going on.  Your mind clamps down on any little thing to try to hold onto sanity...guess I failed, eh?  As I said above, I think my final opinion is that we watch DT develop at WR... but if something happens to make us believe that it won't work out, we talk to him about the illustrious career of one Shannon Sharp.  What do you guys think??   Go Broncos!! 

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