My not so popular offseason suggestion.

Ok guys, I'm ready for it but after watching some of the worst  Denver Bronco's football the last two years its time for some drastic changes in Denver. These moves will not be popular but rebuilding never is.  These moves at the very least should be entertained by the new coaching staff.

1) Trade Royal. He is being under utilized and probably still has decent trade value. Would Shanny give up a 2nd? Does Shanny even have a 2nd.  Go into next season with Lloyd, Thomas and Decker as the Wr's with Gaffney as the 4Wr and Willis as the 5th. WR is stacked.  Decker, Vaughn and Willis return kicks.

2) If we move to a 4-3 trade Doom.. Yes I said it. Doom is a 3-4 Lb and holds value there. Maybe you get a 1st and 3rd for him or maybe Two 2nds. Either way you draft Bowers and move Ayers to DE. Vickerson, Thomas and help fill out the DL with a draft pick thrown in.

3) Trade Orton. I doubt Denver gets a 2nd for him. Maybe a  3rd or early 4th. Either way, he's outta here. Quinn remains the backup with a late round pick on a development QB.

4) If Luck is available you have to take him. I understand everyone loves Tebow but if this guy is as good as they think he will be I want him on my team. I doubt he drops to number 2 however. This point will be discussed endlessly here but it will probably end up being mute.

5) Go young. I appreciate what Dawkins brought to the team but its time to see what McBath has to offer. Ditto for Decker, D Thomas and Bruton.

Of course, I'll probably get slammed for these suggestions but this is a 4 win team starting over. Its time to tear the house down and build from the foundation up. No quick fixes.


Another point I forgot to make. Everyone see's how the the Detroit Lions have turned things around. One of the priorities the Lions front office made was targeting teams to trade with that had new coaching staffs coming in and players that might not have been system friendly. Trading for players like Phonz and Corey Williams are perfect examples. I hope the new front office incorporates this into business strategy going forward.

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