The John Fox Effect: Rosters

So I have been doing a little digging and thinking about John Fox and his coaching history. I have come up with a few roster numbers for the MHR Family. Keep in mind this is just based on his past and does not reflect talent levels in Denver OR even what he will do in Denver. However, as a student of history I know that history does frequently repeat it self, so without further ado...

Quarterbacks: Typically a John Fox team has carried two quarterbacks on the roster. A starter and a backup. The few times he has had 3 QB's on his roster were due to injury. With Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn all brining something to the table, this is a position to watch. My opinion is we cut down to two quarterbacks. The fair move would be to trade Orton to a team who can utilize his style of play. 

Runningbacks: This is John Fox's bread and butter on offense. He typically carries 4HB and 1 Fullback for a total of 5. Sometimes he has mixed it up with a 3/2 and such but 5 is his standard number with two backs splitting the majority of the carries. Knowshon Moreno looks to be the only guy "safe"so begin the DeAngelo Williams Speculation NOW.

Wide Receiver: Coach plays 4 WR. He usually only signs a 5th or 6th when injuries happen. I count 4 with known talent and a few on the outside for us....

Tight Ends: This will surprise many but fox uses TE's like an outlet and not much else. It seems he values a fair and balanced TE over a specialist. He usually has 2 on his roster so once again, you can figure the cuts.

Offensive Line: Coach Fox shies away from the norm here as he loves 9 Offensive linemen. He tends to keep two backup Tackles and two interior players. 

Defensive Line: I found it interesting that typically Coach tends to be heavier on the 4-3 DE than the DT position. He tends to stock his roster with two DT's and 5-6 DE's. Definately shows he cares about the D-Line and having the ability to mix things up.

Linebackers: Most people would go with 8-9 Linebackers but Coach tends to hover around 6-7 because of how he uses his defensive front. That said, he tends to favor guys who are agile outside and those who are solid inside. 

Cornerbacks: This one was my toughest to gauge as Coach tends to have 5 CB's but only activate 4 week in and out. I would say he would gravitate towards 4 if he gets to choose and prefer the 5th to be a hybrid CB/S.

Safety: Quite possibly the most important defensive position on Fox's teams he sticks mostly with 5 Safeties. 


Just thought you all would like this information. I will not speculate how we set our roster but you all are welcome to do so in the comments below. GO BRONCOS!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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