Andrew Luck vs Tim Tebow: Looking thru unfiltered eyes.



This is a post I just made in Nick Cast's EXCELLENT article here.


I admit I am a HUGE Tebow fan. I think he is once every 20 year player, but I still like to think I see things relatively fairly.


Know that I watch a LOT of PAC 10 ball, am a PAC 10 and USC fan, and that I think Andrew Luck will be awesome.


Read on:


Whats the difference between Luck and Tebow? Tebow has played 3 games in the NFL and ANdrew Luck has NO NFL experience.


But go look at Tebow vs ANdrew Luck…and in saying this, I think both will be stellar QB’s. Tebow very comparable, right there with Luck in fact.


Tebow also BIGGER threat on ground.


THROWING for TD’s Tebow averaged 22 over 4 years, Luck averaged 22.5 over 2 years.
RUSHING for TD’s Tebow averaged 14.25 over 4 years, Luck averaged 2.5 over 2 years.
Career Completion % Tebow 66.45 Luck 63.5


Now i am waiting for the “Tebow operated in a friendly QB system with few reads.” OK, but look at Luck’s improvement in the last year. A boost of 14% in completions and 19 more TD’s. Thats awesome, and Luck worked hard for that. But Harbaugh also changed the system to make it easier on Luck, and so he should. They went from a power run team (see Toby Gerhart) and changed to pass game predicated on Luck’s mobility and play action and roll outs.


Go figure!


And everyone will call this Jim Harbuagh’s Pro Style offense? Bull shit. Its a system built to fit his QB and team…and smart coaching. Any smart, good coach would do that. Urban Meyer did the same for Tebow. Its just that Meyer’s system was maligned as it was not NFL style and Harbaughs is highlighted as the MSM exerts have dubbed it pro style. Guess what? Weis’s system was pro style and it produced busts Brady Quinn and Jimmy Clausen.


All I am saying is that the DOUBLE STANDARDS that purvey thru this board and MSM are incredible:

  • Tebow is a result of a “college” system vs. ANdrew Luck runs a PRO STYLE system even though both are based on the QB’s mobility. (The O’s run by both are very similar in their use of QB).
  • Tebow is a BAD thrower because he is a MAJOR threat as a runner vs. ANdrew Luck is a great thrower who is also mobile. (The stats for both are very similar in passingr, except Tebow is putting up TD’s in run game too).


Look, I get it. There is doubt for Tebow as he does things in an unexpected manner, and Luck is the proto typical QB that we all have been told a franchise needs.


I have been around athletes all my life, coached to a high to elite level in many sports (individual and team) and in my experiences, the intangibles that you see from Tebow are a once in 20 year deal, and you never give that up. Luck has great intangibles, but they are NOWHERE near as off the charts as you see from Tebow.


Take my post for what it is, but this team will be STUPID if they draft Luck and give up Tebow…ABSOLUTELY AND POSITIVELY STUPID…..and this is not including all the great points Nick brings up.


Great job Nick, awesome post….and to EVERYONE (me included as I am a Tebow supporter) lets look at these guys with out filters. It will be amazing what you will discover!


PS: Both will be GREAT QB’s in the nfl, but as Ted Bartlett said: Luck will be a FRANCISE QB, Tebow will be a FRANCHISE PLAYER.


For a great read check out  Ted's article here.

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