If all things were equal

If all things we equal and it was a choice between drafting Tebow or Luck, we would have a lot to talk about. Go with the perfectly molded QB that is Andrew Luck, one that many calls the next Peyton Manning, or take Tim Tebow and his leaderships, strengh and work ethics? I think skill's wise, Luck is a much better QB. However, on "Wooden's Pyramid Of Succes", the top three blocks are: Competitive Greatness, Poise and Confidence and Tebow  has those.

So, they both can be succesful and probably will. Anyone can put their two cents and explain why he/she thinks one is better then the other and we will never agree. Actually, everyone did (I'm probably the only one who hadn't comment until now). The fact is, the only way to find who is right is to wait 10-15 years, and then we will be able to look back and say who was the better QB. 

But this is not a choice between Tebow and Luck. The situation is that even if we wanted to, we are unlikely to get Luck. If Luck makes himself available, it would cost something around the line of 3 draft picks (at least 1 first round, if not two) and maybe one very good active player to get the first draft pick. And that is ONLY IF the Panthers would accept the trade, because let's face it, I don't think the Carolina Panthers would trade that pick for 3 first round draft picks. If you know anything about hockey, that would be like trading a pick of someone like Wayne Gretzky,  Mario Lemieux or Sydney Crosby, you just can't make that mistake.

And even then, Luck will not win it alone, just like Manning needs help as well (is anyone putting money on the Colts to be Superbowl champion this year)? I have no doubts that Luck will be succesfull and there are good chances he will be a better QB than Tebow. But regardless if the Broncos or the Panthers gets him, neither team would be succesful next year because neither teams has a defence.

And let's face it, have you seen Tebow run and scramble behind the line of screamage to make a play? The excitement that you get when a play is not over until it is over? With Tebow, it is a fun game to watch even in defeat (I was at the Jan 2nd game)...but I am willing to bet that we won't have to worry too much about loosing with our current offence (read Tebow) and an improved defence.

So more comparison between the two.What we should really hope for is for an owners/players agreement soonest and football in September of this year! 


PS: Sorry, I wanted to make a comment on a different post that ask people to stop talking about Luck, but figure no one would read it. So I made yet another Luck/Tebow post. How ironic...

PS 2: The real reason most people want to keep Tebow is because they have a Tebow Jersey and would like to be able to use it next year...

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