Best Realistic Situation for For Denver Going Into 2011

Pre-Article: McDaniels Impact

Many may disagree, but McDaniels knew how to build a team. Well, he just recreated the New England roster. Here are some examples: Demaryous Thomas: Randy Moss, Brandon Lloyd: Deion Branch, he also molded Eddie Royal to a Wes Welker. He got rid of selfish players and brough in tam players. The talent on the roster and the coaching staff is tremendous. McDaniels just couldn't run the team. We need a disiplinary coach commited to exellence, like Bellicheck, and a smart offensive coordinator. We need a defensive coordinator that you can trust with major decisions. We shouldn't rebuild the roster or revamp the coaching staff. It starts though, with putting the needed coaches in place.

Head Coach: Mike Mularkey, Mularkey has the strength to command player respect, but still have an ingenious offensive mind. He is known for his ability to build a scheme around a player's talent. Would pick up where McDaniels left off, calling his famous trick plays. His work with Matt Ryan has been impressive, and he could help develop better accuracy for Tebow. He is a better fit than Harbaugh by a hair. A slightly younger version of Bellicheck. They should wait for him, because they will wait for Gregg Williams. (Who is a better fit, but won't leave the Saints)

Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach: Mike McCoy, McCoy has done an exellent job in this situation, but it wasn't good enough. He should lose his play calling to Mularkey. His play calls are inconsistent, un-polished, and too similar. He should keep his job for not only what he did to Tebow, but because he knows Tebow's strengths. He would compliment Mularkey's play calling, and teach Mularkey Tebow's strengths and weaknesses. Has head coaching in his near future.

Defensive Coordinator/Assistant Head Coach: Mike Singeltary, His ability to develop players like Patrick Willis would make him a great fit. He will try to climb back to head coachin as a defensive coordinator in Denver. His disiplinary instruction combined with Martindale's swagger would make a beast defense. Would make all of the major defensive decisions. He has also worked under Mike Nolan, he has already made this defense tick.

Other Coaching Decisions: Eric Studesville: R-Backs/Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Quality and Control Coach, he deserves a spot on the team. Don Martindale: Defensive Assistant/Defensive Quality and Control, keep swagger in the defense. Roman Phifer: Linebackers Coach, Deserves to be upgraded. Craig Aukerman: Assistant Special Teams/Assistant Linebacker, his expirience will hold him by a thread. Rich Tuten and Justin Lovett exchange positions, the team doesn't show enough energy, they want change. Ed Donatell: Add Defensive Senior Assistant to his Secondary Coach Position, Denver needs a wise defensive leader. Bob Wylie: Offensive Line/Offensive Senior Assistant, The line needs more expirience. Clancy Barone: Assistant O-Line/Tight Ends. Keep rest of staff the same including Brian Xanders, who will lear under Elway.

Trades: Kyle Orton and 6th rounder for Arizona 2nd rounder. Arizona wants Skelton to learn the ropes from a veteran, and I think they are this desperate. 7th rounder and Richard Quinn to Tampa Bay for 6th rounder, 7th rounder 217th, and 7th rounder 253rd. Tampa needs depth at tight end, and an edge-blocker for LeGarrette Blount.

Free Agency: Deangelo Williams, Richard Marshall, Jamie Kirlew, (2nd stint) Mercedes Lewis, Ryan Harris (Resign)

Notable Cuts: Daniel Graham, Andre Goodman, Renaldo Hill, Correll Buckhalter, Brian Dawkins (Retirement), Laurence Maroney, Champ Bailey, Russ Hochestein, Steven Haushka, Ryan McBean, Perrish Cox (Prison), Ben Garland, Mario Haggan, Marcus Thomas, Lee Robinson, Kyle McCarthy, Jeff Byers.

NFL Draft:

1st Round Pick: Da'Quan Bowers DE

Denver must redo their D-line. Bowers would play end on Dumervil's opposite side, and would replace Vickerson. A speechless pass rusher and an underrated run stuffer. He and Dumervil would make one of the best edge rushing teams in a long time. While most think he is a 3-4 OLB, he is 275-285 pounds of mostly muscle and is extremely athletic. I think he would be a great DE. He will probably add weight going into the league anyway.

2nd Round Pick: Brandon Harris CB

Denver will need to replace Champ Bailey, and would aquire a shutdown corner with great skills, he would be an exellent replacement and we wouldn't need Patrick Peterson. Learning from Marshall, Denver would have a great future corner who is a first round talent. I hope Denver realizes that Jimmy Smith has bust potential.

2nd Round Pick: Phil Taylor NT

A run stuffing beast. His stats show. An underrated pass rusher, and as I sain before, is a superb run stuffer. While the aging Jamaal Williams could be used in goalline situations, Taylor is exactly the young talent we need to boost our D-line. A rare talent to fall here.

2nd Round Pick: Quinton Carter FS

An exellent safety to replace Dawkins, he would work opposite of our next pick. A bruiser but a great person. Even recorded four picks in the last two years. A great fit.

3rd Round Pick: DeAndre McDaniel SS

McDaniel's stock has fallen since legal issues when he was younger. I believe he has gotten past that. He could be a great value pick. This guy is so tough that he played linebacker for a year. He has the potential to become an interception machine.

5th Round Pick: Greg Romeous DE

A developmental DE. Would learn under Bannan and Vickerson. After a few years, Romeous would take over, and Bannan would make some good trade bait. I belive he has the frame and size to be a 3-4 DE, like Bowers. He could be used in pass rush situations. Imagin him Dumervil and Bowers chasing the QB on 3rd and long. Now that is explosive.

6th Round Pick: Allen Reisner FB/TE

While being trapped under Tony Moeaki, and being a bit undersized, Reisner proved this year that he could be a valuable sleeper at FB of TE. I can see Denver using him as a tight end behind Lewis and the rising Gronkowski. He could also sub in for the often injured Larsen or if Larsen was needed at linebacker.

7th Round Pick: Chris Conte SS/CB

Even though he was misused at corner, he could be a valuable back-up., but at SS he is a beat with 70+ tackles, two FF, and a pick. His history with Thompson makes him great for the team. He would rotate with McDaniel at SS.

7th Round Pick: Mitch Mustain QB

A project QB who would be the emergency quarterback. He was a back-up this year to Matt Barkely, but could still be a good depth pick. While Denver might sign a veteran to teach Tebow, I think McDaniels taught him well.

Projected Depth Chart:

QB: Tebow, Quinn, Mustain

HB: Moreno, Williams, White, Ball (White goalline back)

FB: Larsen, Reisner, Gronkowski

C: Walton, Olsen, Paxton

RG: Kuper, Daniels, Olsen

LG: Beadles, Daniels, Olsen

LT: Clady, Beadles, Clark

RT: Harris, Beadles, Clark

WR: Lloyd, Thomas, Royal, Gaffeney, Decker, Willis

3DRB: Williams

TE: Lewis, Gronkowski, Reisner (Reisner for edge blocking)

NT: Taylor, Williams, Fields

LE: Bowers, Romeous, Kirlew

RE: Bannan, Vickerson, (Rotation) Romeous ( Pass-Only Situations)

ROLB: Dumervil, Hunter, Larsen

LOLB: Ayers, Hunter, Veikune

SS: McDaniel, Conte, (Rotation) Bruton

FS: Carter, McBath, (McBath for pass-only and relief situations) Bruton

CB: Marshall, Harris, Thompson, Conte, Vaugn

KR: Thomas, Vaugn, Decker

PR: Thompson, Royal, Vaugn

K: Prater, Colquitt

P: Colquitt, Prater

LS: Paxton, Kuper

Practice Squad: Britt Davis, Louis Leonard, Nick Polk, Eron Riley, Chevis Jackson, Kyle Eckel, Daniel Coats.

Conclusion: With this coaching staff, and them inheriting this roster, Denver would become an easy SuperBowl contender in a few years, if not next year. Please fill out the poll and make comments.

UPDATE: Harbaugh to 49ers, new candidates emerge.

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