Off Season Wish List, Part III


Yes, I must be bored, so lets try the next installment of how to make the Broncos better.  So with John Elway running football operations, I am going to assume that Xanders will remain the GM (unfortunately), my hope now is that Rick Dennison is named HC.  Mark Schlereth had an interesting comment on the fan yesterday which indicated that during the last interview process, that his sources said Dennison interviewed the best out of all the candidates.  Apparently Harbaugh is no longer an option, but I am guessing the asking price will be a little too steep and we will go with a true Bronco in Rick Dennison.  With that in mind I think that we may pull a coop and hire Vic Fangio as our DC rather than have him follow Harbaugh  to wherever he lands.  With that I think that we stay in a 3-4 defense.  On the offensive side of the ball, I think we hire Bill Musgrave as the OC and switch back to a ZB scheme team with play action roll outs, which I believe may actually suit Tebow more, allowing him to use his legs and get on the edge and force the defense to commit.  Now more after the jump….

Cuts : Brian Dawkins, Russ Hochstein, Renaldo Hill, Ryan McBean, Lawrence Marooney, Buckhalter, Jones, I may throw Daniel Graham in here, but I think he may be re-energized with going back to a ZB scheme with more TE usage.


Free Agents:


QB – Bruce Gradkoswki – Quinn was a horrible acquisition (IMO) and I think Orton will be traded, Gradkoswki is maybe a bit raw, but he is serviceable and I am sure he would be happy to jump ship out of the Al Davis hell.


FB – LaRon McClain – I like Larsen, but he is a poor FB, I would love to see him move back to the ILB position and get a true FB in the mix.  McClain is a dominant FB and is great at short yardage, blocking, and receiving.  He will excel in a ZB scheme similar to Griffith.


TE - David Boss – People think NY resigns him, I doubt it, with several big FA on the D-line, I think Boss will be available.  I love his ability to block and make key catches.  


G – Harvey Dahl – Great G, has been a big reason for Atlanta’s success running the football the past season.  With Calbo being a FA, Dahl may be had.  He provides a great upgrade at the interior of the line.


ILB-Chad Greenway – Great LB, superior instincts, a leader.  I don’t know if Minnesota lets him walk, but he is worth the money.


S – Roman Harper – Under-rated safety on the Saints defense, Harper is solid, great hitter, and will provide some leadership.




Kyle Orton to Cardinals for 4th Rounder this year and player in 2011 draft (dependent on how Orton fares).  I know the thought is a 3rd rounder, that won’t happen, I think though getting two players for one, is a better scenario for the Broncos though.


DJ Williams to Colts for 3rd Rounder.  Indy has struggled this year on defense and likely will be out of the playoffs soon, DJ fits their scheme very well, and playing on that track indoors will help DJ utilize his speed.


Gabar Gaffney to Cardinals for 6th Rounder, the Cardinals (assuming McDaniels lands there) will covet Gaffney and I don’t see a roll for him here with Thomas and Decker and Willis in the wings.


Champ Bailey to the NY Giants for 2nd Rounder, Look I like Champ, but I doubt he wants to be here, if a guy doesn’t want to be here, we might as well get something for him.  With the Giants front 4, Bailey being able to shut guys down, this makes them a favorite in the NFC East next season (IMO).


So with the trades we have 1st, three 2nds, two 3rds, one 4th, two 6ths.


So looking at the draft:


1st Round – Patrick Peterson, CB/S – LSU: I have been a big Fairely supporter, and I think if we pick him here, I wouldn’t be surprised.  But Peterson looks like a true freak of nature, a guy with safety size that can play CB, similar to Rod Woodson.  I think if we trade Champ, that we may lean toward DB with the 1st pick.


2nd Round – JJ Watt, DE – Wisconsin: Very good DE prospect who has great technique and instincts.  Provides an upgrade on the D-line.


2nd Round (from Miami) – Phil Taylor, NT – Baylor: Monster of a man, will rotate with Jamaal Williams to learn how to play in the NFL.  Should be able to develop into a very good NT, provided he can keep his weight in check.


2nd Round (from NYG) –Greg Jones, ILB – Michigan State: Provides a solid LB prospect for the ILB position to team with Greenway.  Will have to fight Joe Mays for playing time.


3rd Round: Quinten Carter, S – Solid safety prospect.  Should be able to compete early for some playing time.


3rd Round (from Colts): Chimidi Chewka, CB – Ohio State: A great speed guy, needs more work on technique, but provides good depth.


4th Round (from Cardinals): Bilel Powell, RB – Louisville: He is a typical no-name back that can excel in a ZB scheme, gives Moreno a viable back-up.    

6th Round : Derek Newton, OT – Arkansas State: Under the radar guy who will likely be stashed on the practice squad for a year.  But typical Denver O-lineman with good mobility and technique, a little undersized.


6th Round: Alec Linnekohl, Oregon State; Another under the radar guy, lead a great running game at OSU and is another good developmental prospect.


So the Roster would look something like this:


QB – Tebow, Backup – Gradkowski, 3rd String – Box of rocks or Wuinn

RB – Moreno, Backup – Ball, White, Powell

FB – McClain, Backup - Larsen

WR – Lloyd, Thomas, Royal, Backup – Decker, Willis

TE – Boss, Backup – Graham, Quinn

OT – Clady, Harris, Backup-Beadles, Newton, FA

OG – Dahl, Kuper , Backup-Beadles

 C- Walton, Backup – Linnekohl


DE – Watts, Bannan, Backup- Thomas, Vickerson

NT – Willams, Backup – Taylor

OLB – Ayers, Dumervil, Backup- Haggen, FA

ILB – Greenway, Jones, Backup – Mays, Woodyard

CB – Goodman, Cox (assume Cox doesn't go to jail), Peterson, Backup – Thompson, Chewka

S- Harper, Peterson, Backup – Carter, McBath, Bruton

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