Offseason Take 2

Heres another shot at the important offseason of our beloved Denver Broncos

The Front Office is in place so we'll jump straight to the HC


Rick Dennison (OC Houston Texans) not the sexy name that we'd hope to replace McDaniels, but a great football coach and in reality thats what we need right now.



Greg Robinson (DC Michigan) The guy can coach and after having been on Rich Rodriguez's staff at Michigan will probably be looking for employment. Who doesn't love watching his Bronco defenses back in the Super Bowl years? This would probably mean a move back to the 4-3 which would take a little time.



Greg Knapp (QB Coach Houston Texans) He most likely would be the replacement for Dennison in Houston, but hopefully we could bring him along. Has worked with Steve Young, Jeff Garcia (when he was good), Michael Vick, Matt Hasselback and Matt Schaub (twice). Been an OC 9 of his 16 years in the NFL.


Kyle Orton to Minnesota for 3rd round pick. McDaniels gets the OC job and he gets a QB that knows his system to lessen the learning curve for the Vikings offense.


Champ Bailey we get a lock down CB for a year or two more and then a pro-bowl S after that.

Ryan Harris I read a comment here saying that Harris is a LT playing RT, well in our case he is. We need to make sure we have Tebow's blindside taken care of and we know Harris is a legit T when healthy. Should have made the pro-bowl 2 years ago.


Owen Daniels (TE Houston) Also enjoys stiff arming Raiders! I've said it many times TEs are a huge asset for a young QB and the Texans coaches we brought in help to get one of the leagues best.

Lawrence Vickers (FB Cleveland) Have loved this guy since his CU days great blocker and has some skill with the ball in his hands hasn't had a ton of opportunity to carry the ball in the NFL.

Kasey Studdard (G Houston) OL Depth

Brandon Mebane Probably the most underrated DL in the NFL. The Seahawks would be dumb to let him walk, but heres hoiping!


We currently have the #2 pick, #36 pick, Miami #2, 2-3rds (With Orton trade) 6th and 7th

Carolina selects Patrick Peterson #1 overall

With the 2nd pick the Denver Broncos select:

Daquan Bowers (DE Clemson) The transition to a 4-3 is much easier with 2 DE that can get to the QB.

With the 36th pick the Denver Broncos Select:

Deunta Williams (S UNC) Big time Safety who probably goes in round 1 if not for his suspension

With the 2nd round pick from Miami the Denver Broncos select:

Marvin Austin (DT UNC) Nasty DT another UNC player who probably goes in Rd 1 if not for the off the field incident. How good would UNC have been with their stacked D this season? teams with  Mebane and no one likes running the ball in the middle anymore!

3rd Round pick Denver selects:

Colin McCarthy (LB Miami) Fire and passion heart and soul leader of the defense at the ILB position.

3rd Round Pick (Orton) Denver selects:

Jalil Brown (CB Colorado) Underrated CB not quite on Jimmy Smith's level, but solid and can provide some depth depending on Cox's legal issues.

6th and 7th round Denver selects:  BPA

I didn't even realize I took D with every pick until looking it over....I guess that shows us where our needs are!


QB: Tebow, Quinn

RB: Moreno, Ball, White, Buckhalter

FB: Vickers

WR: Lloyd,

WR: Thomas, Gaffney

WR: Royal, Decker

TE: Daniels, Gronkowski, Quinn

LT: Clady

LG: Beadles, Studdard

C: Walton, Studdard

RG: Kuper, Studdard

RT: Harris, Beadles


DE: Dumervil, Ayers

DT: Mebane, Vickerson

DT: Austin, Thomas

DE: Bowers, Hunter

WLB: DJ Williams, Woodyard

MLB: McCarthy, Mays

SLB: Haggen,

CB: Bailey, Cox, Brown

CB: Goodman, Cox, Thompson

S: Williams, Bruton

S: McBath, Kyle McCarthy


K: Prater

P: Colquitt

LS: Paxton

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