Another take on coaches plus mock offseason

Hey guys i know how we all eat these mock drafts up and love speculation so i thought id add to the mix.  Not a regular poster but have been an MHR follower and member for about 3 or so years now and love this site, fans, and organization more than anything in the world.  I am only 20 years old and when i first came here i honestly can say i did not understand half of the amount about the game, schemes, players, and how things should be run in the front office and carried throughout the staff and players.  MHR has taught me so much into not over reacting after coaching and team changes, i almost always end up changing my mind in a complete 180 after being patient and learning about why moves are made and why a certain player or coach is a better fit.  Of course there are the alphonso smith, richard quinn, laurence maroney ( hate to say i told u so but living in NE this guy has sucked for years) deals that make us scratch our heads all the time. 

Anyways, with that being said i think the coaching change this off season will make a lot of people upset and a lot who are happy initially, but then going to be able to get everyone on board.  Theres a huge draw for coaches like cowher and gruden mainly coming from DP trolls but Elway said it best the other day that this team needs to go back to denver bronco football and someone they feel comfortable with.  This team has pieces and isnt a few away from a superbowl but can start to mold together a franchise.

A lot of these guys have grown on me and i like Perry Fewell a lot now and John Fox has become a guy i wouldnt be too disappointed with as a head coach but do u really see this guy as the future with Tebow.



Whether it be as a head coach or offensive coordinator, Rick Dennison needs to come back to the Denver Broncos.  His knowledge for the game of football and the Denver Broncos is as good as any and has learned a lot im sure under Kubiak.  The ZBS needs to come back to denver as well.  It fits our o line and skill players, and dennison knows it as good as anyone.  Knowshon and co. would run so much better in a 1-cut system and everyone remembers how good our bookend tackles were under Dennison's coaching.

Right now i am undecided on defense and i know Gregg Williams would not come here as a DC so IMO bringing Dennison as OC and Williams as DC with wink still on the staff is my best case scenario.  Gregg Williams has had his coaching stint in Buffalo and everyone knows how they were extremely conservative and the defense could not carry the poor offense.  But have people seen who Williams has been working with the past few years.  Sean Peyton, maybe the ballsiest and least conservative coach in all of football.  Williams has learned a lot working with Peyton and from his old mistakes.  This guy's discipline, tenacity and desire to play good defense fits exactly what Elway and Xanders are looking to establish.  With Dennison back running the offense with Tebow and the front office and Williams looking to build a defense this team could greatly improve.

I dont see Fewell or Williams or some of the other coordinators especially who have coached before willing to settle for the same title in a different place, especially Denver right now.

My other scenarios that i think would be best case for Broncos IMO are:

Dennison as head coach and offensive assistants with the following as DC options: Mike Singletary, Jim Hasslet, Eric Mangini, Sean McDermott.  I think if Dennison would be the head coach we would need a strong defensive coordinator to work to a scheme and stick it to it.  Almost all the coordinators i have said are 4-3 based and dennison has a 4-3 foundation so im willing to bet the broncos change back to that.  Its the best scheme for the players we have and to build a defense through the draft.  Whatever we choose we need to stick to the scheme, Xanders said it the other day and i totally agree, the teams that have been most productive and gotten the most out pof their players have stuck to a scheme and have drafted and signed players according to the plan and mindset.

So in my best case scenario

Head Coach: Gregg Williams

Defensive Coordinator: Gregg Williams/ "Wink" Martindale

Offensive Coordinator: Rick Dennison


The Denver Broncos trade Kyle Orton and a 2012 5th round pick to the Minnesota Vikings for their 2011 second round pick. 

reason: if McD goes to Minnesota hes gonna want a qb hes familiar with.  Kyle Orton would thrive in minnesota.  He is good enough to lead them with a great D and strong running game, we wont be able to trade him for a second straight up though.

The Denver Broncos trade Eddie Royal to the Atlanta Falcons for a 2011 third and fifth round pick.

reason: The Atlanta Falcons need a playmaker and slot receiver badly for Matt Ryan, their picks are very late so thats why i think we can draw a third and a fifth.  A second even though it is late is too high for Royal.

The Denver Broncos trade Mario Haggan to the Cleveland Browns for a 2011 6th round pick

reason: I have the Broncos going back to a 4-3 and Mario just isnt as effective and the Browns linebackers are a weak spot and could use leadership on that side of the ball as well.

Cuts/ not resigning:

Ronald Fields

Daniel Graham

Laurence Maroney

Russ Hochstein

Lance Ball

Brian Dawkins ( love this guy but his days are over thanks for last year wish you could have gotten the ring u deserve)

Nate Jones

Ryan McBean

Dan Gronknowski


Champ Bailey: give this guy at least 3 years, he has a lot of game left and we really need him back in the secondary, its time to give him front 7 help.

Marcus Thomas: Has slightly improved every year, at this point i think he can become a good tackle in the 4-3 or at least add solid depth

Ryan Harris:  Market is gonna be small for a once highly touted lineman for the Broncos.  Switching back to the ZBS lets keep Harris and add depth behind him.


Free Agent Signings:

Bo Scaife: A Denver native and sure bet out of Tennessee, he can be a good option for the Broncos who should look towards the draft for a guy to pair up with Scaife for a while.

Mike Brisiel: Interior lineman from houston who can add depth to the o line and comes over with Dennison.

Ryan O' Callahan: Tackle for the Chiefs who can add much needed depth and has starting experience as well.

Scott Shanle: An experienced linebacker comes over with Gregg Williams to add depth.

Richard Marshall: Panthers are re-building and the Broncos could use a physical corner in the secondary.  With champ, a healthy goodman, marshall, cox and squid we seem to be have a good group of corners.

Dawan Landry:  Landry is great in run support and can cover well for a SS.  He could come in and be the favorite to start.

Remi Ayodele:  Another guy who Williams can bring in and immediately bring depth and competition at the 4-3 d tackle position.  He will make guys like marcus thomas, justin bannon and Kevin Vickerson work for their time.

Mark Anderson: A once highly promising player is now strictly a third down pass rusher who can sub out Ayers who looks like a good first and second down player but not yet a complete rusher.

The Draft:

First round pick 2: Nick Fairley DT Auburn:  We havent had a force on the d line, specifically tackle for a long long time and its overdue.  We simply cant pass this guy up he is a dominating force.  With a switch to the 4-3 some people will argue for Bowers but this guy is the sure pick, he can stuff the run and be an effective rusher from the d tackle position. 

Second Round:

pick 4:  Jeremy Beal DE OU: Beal is a high character, non stop motor guy that the Broncos should be enthusiastic about.  Can play in a 4-3 or 3-4 and is versatile and extremely athletic.  Could begin rushing on third down for the Broncos and playing in situations.

pick 11 (from Minn): Deunta Williams FS UNC: A true student of the game, he is very gifted an talented athletically and knows where the football is at all times.  This kid is a safety and overall talent we cant pass up.  McBath could pair up with him in the future but he is too injury prone to count on.

pick 14 ( from MIA): Gregg Jones LB Michigan State: This guy is a flat out football player.  Reminds me of 'Spoon from Mizz who was a popular player to be picked last year.  Brings tenacity and leadership.  I think he could really play any of the three linebacker positions.

Third Round

pick 3: Noel Devine RB WVU: The Broncos need playmakers around Tebow on offense and this guy can change a game.  Devine has electric speed and can be a good special teamer as well.

pick 31 (from ATL): D.J Williams TE SC:  Broncos need a pass catching tight end for Tebow.  Rudolph would be a great option in the second but i think the first 4 should all be defensive picks.  Good athleticism and route runner.

Fifth Round

pick 31 (from ATL): Kyle Hix OT UT: Big offensive tackle from Texas adds much need depth for the o line.

Sixth Round:

pick 4 (Originally Denver's pick traded back by Cle): Justin Rodgers CB/KR Richmond: a D1-AA player but is a great returner, probably would stick to special teams but was third team all D1-AA as a corner.

pick 32 (from NE): Vai Taua H-Back Nevada: another potential offensive weapon and special teamer.

7th Round:

who knows at this point?? I say middle linebacker.


2011 NFL Mock Depth Chart

Qb: Tebow, Quinn, FA

RB: Moreno, Devine, White, Ball

FB: Larsen, Taua

WR: Lloyd, Decker, Britt

WR: Thomas, Gaffney

TE: Scaife, Williams, Quinn

LT: Clady, Hix

LG: Kuper, Olsen, Daniels

C: Walton, Brisiel

RG: Beadles, Brisel

RT: Harris, O' Callahan


LE: Dumervil, Hunter

DT: Fairley, Thomas, Bannan

DT: Vickerson, Ayodele,

DE: Ayers, Beal, Anderson

Will: Dj Williams, Woodyard

Mike: Mays, FA/draft

SAM: Jones, Shanle

CB: Bailey, Cox, Vaughn

SS: Landry, Hill, Bruton

FS: Williams, McBath

CB:Marshall, Goodman, Squid

K: Prater

P: Colquitt

Returners TBD

Williams and Dennison are the coaches i want here and this is my realistic offseason.  Suprise cuts could be Bannan and Renaldo Hill before the start of the year.  In the end i think we need depth on the o line and a couple explosive weapons for Tebow.  And first and foremost bulk up the front 7 and add ballhawks to the secondary.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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