Why the Denver Broncos should hire John Fox!

Reports are that John Fox will be interviewed by the Denver Broncos.  I’m starting to like the idea as John Fox as the Denver Broncos next head coach, he runs a 4-3 and this guy has been coaching defense for 30+ years and we all know the Broncos need defense. He took of a Carolina Panthers team that had only 1 win and in only 2 years took them to the Super Bowl with one of the worse QBs to ever play in a SB.  How he did it is through Defense and running the ball.  RUN THE BALL something we all miss in Denver.  Run Run Run, make it easy for Tebow, by playing defense and running the ball.  Maybe reunite with Jim Fassel if we bring him in as OC, if Mike McCoy ends up in KC as reports say may happen.   Regardless with his potential signing, it may be that extra bit of influence for some of the Carolina Panthers Free Agents to follow suit.  After Fox has been with the team for the last 9 years I’m sure he has built a decent player relationship with some of his players.  These are the notable Carolina Panthers who will be Free Agents in 2011, and Denver could use all these guys on our team.  


DeAngelo Williams (RB)

Stats:  YDS 361 AVG 4.1 TD 1  REC 11 YDS 61 Age 27

My Take: Even coming of an injury this guy as the ability to start on any team in a NFL that is turning to a two back team league.  I would love to see him as our second back.

Ryan Kalil (C)

Stats: 2 consecutive Pro Bowl Selection Age 25

My Take:  This guy is one of the best Centers in the league and unlikely to slip away from Carolina, however could easily start for Denver at Guard or Center.

Charles Johnson (DE)

Stats:  Tackles: 62 TOT  Sacks: 11.5 Age 24

My Take: Like Kalil this guy is a beast and unlikely to slip away from Carolina especially after losing Peppers, would love to see him on the Broncos especially if we decide to go to a 4-3.

Nick Hayden (DT)

Stats: Tackles 31 TOT Sacks 1.0 Age 24

My Take: This guy is good enough to be a rotation guy on our team, especially in a 4-3.

James Anderson (LB)

Stats: Tackles 130 TOT Sacks 3.5 INT 1 FF 2 Age 27

My Take: This guy would start on our team, he is a tackling machine and can almost do anything asked of at a LB position.  While playing Sam, can cover a TE, and has the ability to pass rush, and get in back field.

Thomas Davis (LB) Jamar Wiliams (LB)

Ages: 27, 26

My Take: Both guys are special team players and can add depth a LB, and are probably more accustomed to John Fox 4-3

Richard Marshall (CB)

Stats: Tackles 88 TOT Sacks: 1 INT 3 FF 1 Age 26

My Take:  With the uncertainty of Champ and Perish Cox, we all know we need depth a CB.  Marsahll is one of the better DB in the league, underated due to his decent coverage skills but can really come up and tackle in run game. Would easily be a starter if Bailey leaves, or Cox goes to jail.

Gerald Alexander (S)

Stats: Age 26

My Take: I haven’t seen much of him play, so hard to judge but would be nice to add some youth  and depth to the D.


I would love to see any of these guys on the Broncos (except maybe Moore) My wish list in order would be:

Richard Marshall: Would Lessen the stress and Drama over Bailey and Cox, may not need to draft Peterson

DeAngelo Williams: Have to starting potential backs on team

Charles Johnson: A DE who can play in Fox 4-3

James Anderson: Great LB

Ryan Kalil: Also need a C who is nasty in trenches.

Any one of these guys could be a starter on the Broncos with John Fox as HC, and would make the Draft alot more manageable.

Tell me your thoughts, thanks for reading.

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