Mock Drafts - No Offense Please, It's Offensive


For all those of you wonderful Mock Drafters taking the hours to write up some very interesting Mocks remember that Denver essentially has 10 starting positions that they must upgrade or find future replacements on Defense.  TE’s, Guards, and RBs are all nice things to draft, but I am throwing out the idea of doing a switch. Instead of fixing the defense with free agents and drafting offense I would hope that the opposite happens in 2011.  Fix the offense with free agents and draft defense. The number one reason why is that Denver has the worst defense in the NFL.  Stats don’t lie at this level.  32nd in yards.  32nd in points.  The only Defensive players taken in the first two rounds in the last five years are


2010 - none

2009 – DE Ayers, CB A. Smith, S D. McBath

2008 - none

2007 – DE J. Moss, T. Crowder

2006 -- none


Only two of the five players are still with the Broncos and neither of them are studs.  (Ayers is average at what he does in this defense).   McBath is a special teams player at the moment. 


Tight Ends


Please stop taking TE’s in the Draft – It is a very dependent and non-vital position in the NFL.    Most Tight Ends are dime a dozen players and don’t make that much of an impact unless their last name is Gates or Clark.  I don’t know if you remember the draft of 2006 beyond Jay Cutler, but 8 TEs were taken in the first three rounds, two in the first round including Vernon Davis with the 6th overall pick.  The Niners could have taken Jay Cutler or Matt Leinart and they took Davis. 


Here is the list of tight ends in that draft which was supposed to hold large amounts of future Antonio Gates.


6th Vernon Davis

28th Meredes Lewis – didn’t break 41 catches until this year

46th Joe Klopfenstien – Cut in his third year. Is currently out of football

53rd Anthony Fasano – Was traded in his third year. Never broke 40 catch mark.

61st Tony Scheffler – Had a great report with Cutler in Denver and is now the second guy in Detroit behind Pettigrew.

72nd Leonard Pope – Cut in his third year.  Had 10 catches for KC this last year.

86th David Thomas --

92nd Dominique Bryd

These guys are floating all over the NFL.  We can pick up two TEs in free agency or trade for a PB & J sandwhich.



TEs available in Free Agency this year – Zach Miller, Owen Daniels, Kevin Boss, Mercedes Lewis, and 20 other guys.


Running Backs – As much as I love to watch running backs they are really not the focus of any team that has won a championship.  Defense and Quarterbacks are the key people.  Running back by committee seems to be the way to go. No more Emmitt Smith’s around leading their teams to the big trophy.  A lot of three headed RB monsters.  This is a good year to pick up a couple of back in free agency.



RB Free Agents available  -- DeAngelo Williams, Arian Foster, Amhad Bradshaw, Mike Tolbert, Michael Bush, Ronnie Brown, Leon Washington, and 20 other guys.



Offensive Line – Denver has already invested in their O-Line in the draft the last couple of years since 2006 with Ryan Harris.  The line sowed that it had a couple of rookies.  Give them some time and bring in a couple of vets in Free Agency that can give depth and provide leadership and experience.  Light and Mankins are available.  Just sing those guys and watch Tom Brady try to stand in the pocket.


OL Free Agents - - Matt Light, Logan Mankins, Carl Nicks


Draft Front Seven

Denver has seven draft picks in the first three rounds in this years and next years draft.  How convenient?  I see a lot of Patrick Peterson being mocked to Denver, but let me ask you this?  Would you rather have porous defensive line and try to develop a corner first or have a decent secondary and develop a defensive line first?  Champ and others will be here for another year.  Denver needs to desperately reload in their D-Line and get those guys developing.  I don’t think it matters if you take Peterson because no corner is going to help you when you are getting ran over for 200+ yards per game.  Also, Peterson would not be able to cover WRs for seven seconds.  Corner is a luxury position that you take when you have already put a few other pieces in up front.  Currently Denver has a bunch of second string players as their front seven and it has showed.


Denver’s Likely D-Line with no upgrades or additions. 


DT – Justin Bannan

NT – Jamal Williams

DT – Marcus Thomas



My best case Mock Draft


1st Round (2nd Overall)– DT Nick Fairley 6-4 298 or DT Marcel Dareus 6-3 298 lbs




I don’t personally have tape on these guys to really know which one will work out better.  I like both and think they can be studs at the next level.  Denver scouts will have to decide which will be the better prospect.



2nd Round (36th overall)  -- NT Jerrell Powe - 320lbs - 6-2




This is a must.  This guy can be dominant and is the best NT prospect in the draft.  Denver currently has no top NT prospects.  Marcus Thomas should be playing DE in  a 3-4.  Did anyone see what BJ Raji did against the Eagles offense?  All top Nose Tackle Prospects are talked about as lazy fat and a risk.  The truth is not many NT prospects ever get beyond that and it is OK.  They only play a about 60% to 70% of snaps and are there to eat up blockers and make a push.  These aren’t pass rushers.  These are big uglies. Get em in a weight room and get start developing.  His draft stock will shoot up in the combine.


12/08/10 - 2010 ALL-SEC FOOTBALL SECOND TEAM (COACHES): DL Jerrell Powe, Ole Miss, has been selected All-SEC Football Second Team for the 2010 college football season as selected by the SEC head football coaches. The senior defensive tackle earned second team honors for the second straight year, after garnering the same distinction in 2009 from the Associated Press. A native of Waynesboro, Miss., Powe was among the candidates for the Rotary Lombardi Award, Outland Trophy and Bronko Nagurski Trophy and was voted a Team Captain by his teammates. Despite often facing double teams, Powe amassed 27 total tackles, 8.5 TFLs and 2.5 sacks this season, including 1.5 sacks at No. 8 Alabama. Powe missed only one game in his three seasons with the Red and Blue and started 22 of 25 games the past two years. The 6-foot-2, 320-pounder concludes his Rebel career with 69 total tackles, 24 TFLs and seven sacks. - Ole Miss football



 2nd Round  (46th overall)–DE/ DT Jared Crick




Denver now has three legit linemen prospects.  It is Ok if one doesn’t pan out, but the youth surge up front is now in place. This isn’t  a sexy mock, but neither are record breaking days by opposing running backs.  Did anyone see what BJ Raji did against the Eagles offense?  Denver needs a complete foundation at D-line.  No house can be built without it and this year is deep in D-Linemen.


3rd  Round – (67th overall) ILB Mark Herzlich



This guy had an issue with cancer is now cancer free.  Your middle linebackers are the QBs of the defense.    This guy has all the intangibles and the physical gifts to match.  A true leader and playmaker.  He will be a steal in the third round.



Beyond the fourth round

I think it is too difficult to project beyond the third, but Denver only has three picks left.  None in the fourth or fifth.  So I am not holding out for starting material with those guys.  Maybe one will shine through.  Could use some more DB help and the aforementioned offensive positions.



At this point Denver can focus on Pass Rushers and DBs in 2012 if they want.  They should still consider pass rushers and linebackers for the next year.

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