If Orton leads team to win, Fans lose.


I have seen it many times while perusing this excellent site.

"Real fans don't celebrate losses."

I doubt any beer drinking, red meat eating, thousands-of-dollars-worth-of-jerseys-in-the-closet having, NFL sunday ticket (because your out of market) subscribing fan would disagree. No one likes to lose. 

Most think that Orton is burning the daylight out of our season. I say most because there a few good souls holding onto the notion that suddenly Orton will transform into the guy that led this team to a 6-0 start behind a top 10 defense (through 6 weeks), a healthy and experienced O-Line, and a lot of luck ( 1 miracle TD catch, and 2 kick returns in one game). Im sorry, thats not going to happen again, its a statistical certainty. Ain't math a pain?

So here we are, in the midst of a less than stellar start to the season, and good ole KO is the picture of our mediocrity.

Let me pause to make something perfectly clear. I love this football team. My kids will love this football team, and my wife has to put up with the fact that I love this football team. Way back when, I thought Orton was good for this team. 

"He's just what we need, someone who wont give the game away. Someone who wont 'gunsling' and wont fumble at the goal line moments away from a go ahead score like Cutler"

The problem is Orton has become that QB. He gives games away. He folds in moments of pressure, and he has lost his nerve. Regardless of whether this start is Orton's fault or not, this team isn't making the playoffs. Most agree the most productive thing to do this season is play He-Who-Is-Named-To-Often.

So now, I'll layout the unlikely scenario.

If Orton pulls an upset in the next 2 weeks, and we beat either Green Bay or San Diego, EFX proves their point, and Orton keeps that job.

If Orton keeps his job, we keep spinning our wheels.

So my question is:

Is it wrong to hope that the Broncos lose in order to (potentially) escape mediocrity at the QB position, or should we be the good fans EFX wants us to be and simply soldier on, and hang our hat on a highlight of a lost season?


Side note: Been reading from the outside for quite some time, and finally decided to jump into the fire. I respect this blog and how business is done here, and I welcome your comments below. Thanks fellow members and staff.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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