Trent Richardson

Tonight it was a cold rainy/snowy night here in upstate New York. I was flipping back and forth watching my Yankees win, and also watching the Alabama, Florida game. While watching the Alabama offense, i kept a close eye on their stud junior runner, Trent Richardson. The guy is an absolute beast. He has speed, he is a hard nosed tough runner who will carry defenders with him. All indications point to him entering the 2012 NFL Draft. 


The Draft? It's October! But like AlbertaBronc with his post Is It Still Too Early To Talk Draft: Pt. 1 Offense i am talking about the draft. It's a year around evaluation process, and right now, i want him in a Broncos uni. Earlier this year, i was one of the first, if not the first person on MHR banging the drum for Von Miller, i hope i am right once again. 


Lets jump.


This guy is built for a John Fox offense. I know what you guys are going to say, "It's too early for a running back!", "We can get ones in the later rounds" ect. If shanahan was here, sure i'd agree. But let's look at John Fox's draft history in carolina.

2002: John Fox's first year with the team, took DeShawn Foster in the 2nd round(The team already had Stephen Davis at running back)

2005: Fox takes Eric Shelton in the 2nd round. 

2006: DeAngelo Williams first round

2008: Jonathan Stewart first round

2009: Mike Goodson Forth round.

So looking at his history, when fox need's a runner. He takes one early and often. Looking at next years roster, McGahee is a stop gap. EFX doesnt seem thrilled with Moreno, and seems to be a bust who is injury prone. So i fully expect them to take a hard look at Richardson.

This guy is a fox back. Big (5'11 224), Fast, and can carry the rock 20-30 times a game. He is a Heismen Trophy candidate. He's a one cut runner who would excel in the zone running game. He keeps his legs moving which will help him excel in short yardage situations. Richardson is a workout warrior who's weight room ethic translates to the field. According to reports, Richardson runs the 40-yard dash in 4.37 seconds, can bench press 465 pounds and "easily" squat 600 pounds. Is known as a player who works hard and takes the game seriously. Even after head coach Nick Saban said he was the Alabama starting running back in 2011, Richardson said he's still fighting to make sure the job is his. Richardson is adequate as a pass receiver. He's not used a lot on swing plays, but is a good check down option in the short middle area.

So in short, this guy will be a top 5-10 pick. Sadly it looks we'll be in that region. As of October 2nd, i want this guy to be our 1st round pick.

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