If this is it (a real time account of the fourth quarter)

I have one simple request: patience. I write this as a real-time account of Tebow taking over in the second half of the San Diego game, Oct. 9, 2011. Tebow has already had a few of those “almost - Oh my God!” plays, which certainly are exciting, but have not produced yardage. He’s also had a couple of bad throws, missing receivers on relatively simple routes. He’s also having really frustrating timing issues getting the ball from Walton -- something very fixable and something I know they will work out, but it’s going to take time with Tebow as the number one guy. I know this much: it’s time for the controversy to end.  


These types of mistakes are, frankly, what the Broncos should expect. If this is the movement that begins Tebow time, then let it be. Orton is benched. If there’s anything -- anything -- any other team will give the Broncos for him, it’s worth taking. If not, he needs to remain a incredibly high-priced back up. Tebow needs every chance he can to fail, succeed and anything else in between. He has handled the situation from the position of back up very well. I voted earlier in the this week in the poll that he needs a full season (plus the offseason). The commitment needs to be made. I still think that’s true. 



The Broncos need to run (McGahee please stay healthy, you beautiful beast), keep punching people in the mouth (Mays is flat out laying the wood), pray Champ stays healthy (that 3rd down breakup on Jackson was awesome) and, as much as anything, hang in there. 



I about peed my pants when Tebow ran it in from the 12. That’s what he can do (run...and make people pee their pants). Oh my goodness that’s what he can do. It’s beyond hope -- it’s terrifying. It almost scares me because it seems like so long since I’ve felt hope at this level. This is the kind of thing defenses have to hate and fear. 



I’ll be frank -- I know I’ve been one of the people calling for patience with Orton. I don’t feel wrong about that. And I don’t feel those who’ve been calling for Tebow from the start are right. It’s been a messy progression caused by a lot of factors, some mishandled by the front office (the attempted Orton trade before the season glares now). But whatever has happened is in the past. It is Tebow time. 



If the defense continues to be this defense -- one that makes big plays that result in turnovers -- it will be that much better. Watching Tebow on first down run another play for an 8 yard gain up the middle is just crazy -- like I can’t believe what I’m seeing. If McGahee keeps running between the tackles the way he does they need to let Tebow bootleg around the side. And now the screen to Moreno -- perfectly executed. Holy crap. Has Moreno ever looked better than he did on that TD? The miss on the two-point conversion to tie hurts, but watching Tebow go back to the sideline and remind everyone all the team needs is three -- it’s freaking me out.  



Phillip Rivers is a witch. I hate him. This is as tough as the Broncos have been on him in years, but he still does what he does -- that 38 yard pickup on the blitz was a great throw. With 2:46 to go -- this is it. If the defense comes up big on the next two downs, there’s a shot. This play takes it to the break. Oh...don’t tell me this is a stupid defensive penalty...that’s a chicken crap call.  



Down to two minutes. The defense must shine like never before. Now. 3rd and six. Clock is running. Do or die. Do. Do. Do...alright, they did. And the clock will go down to thirty seconds. Tebow will have next to nothing time-wise, though. If the Broncos can block this kick. Or if Novak can grab a choke... No such luck. The Broncos need 6 now.



24 seconds. Fair catch. 80 yards in 24 seconds. It’s unreasonable. Beyond that, probably. You can see Lloyd telling Tebow on the sidelines right now -- just give me a chance, Tim. We’ll see. Completely unreasonable. The buzz in the stands is weird. Somehow people believe. Even at home I can feel what they feel. Brandon Lloyd you are ridiculous! That’s a catch. 16 seconds. My two year old son just woke up from his nap and is sitting next to me. Hope lives. I want him to learn what magic is right now. Daniel Fells with the huge catch across the middle. Geez -- can you give the ball to the ref a little slower!? Spike the ball. One second left. One more chance. The Chargers take a time out. I’m explaining to my son what this is and why this is. He can’t possibly understand. But he sits with me anyway. Here we go. 



Not to be. I give my son a hug and a kiss and tell him, "As long as you do your best, that's all you can do". We go out in the back yard to play. And so this is it -- excitement -- unabashed, amazing excitement and yet, another loss. What could have been -- who knows? Too many "what ifs". More time? Might have helped. It also might have led to more mistakes. Coming in at the half is different than wen you're game-planned for...But It doesn’t matter now. The die is cast. Fox and Elway must stick with Tebow. It is his time.

Have patience Broncos and Broncos fans -- it’s going to be (more? less? who knows!) bumpy, but, yes, it is already more exciting. 

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