Smoking crack and other observations.....

1. Are you people who criticized Tebow's performance yesterday smoking crack?  Anyone who is going to criticize his overall game, including his accuracy, are from a different planet than I am.  Do you even understand the game?  Here is what I mean:  

A. Tebow comes in, cold turkey, and starts throwing the ball down the field, no screen passes to even pop the cherry.

B. Tebow was probably getting very limited reps in practice and probably not many with the first team.  

C. Tebow was playing against one of the top defenses in the league, in fact, last year they were the #1 defense in the NFL.


Tebow's screen pass and two point conversion attempt to Brandon Lloyd were perfectly thrown balls.  He had a couple of passes that were off the mark but isn't that allowed?  

2. John Fox will now become more intelligent.  The same fans who thought he was an idiot will begin to rabidly support him.  Why?  Tebow is now playing.  Hey, life is not fair.

3. Brandon Lloyd needs to be mentioned a little more.  The late fourth quarter catch he made from Tebow was possibly the best catch I have ever seen.  I said "ever."  I won't do it justice by trying to put it into words.  No matter how old I get the things that are covered or not covered is still shocking to me.  Tebow's smart strategy was to throw it to Lloyd and let the best receiver on our team do the rest.  

4. Why do we judge Tebow by such a high standard?  Why do the media and many fans insist that he can only play as good as Aaron Rodgers before they are satisfied?  He should actually be compared to Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford

5. I find I am very angry this morning at some Bronco fans.  You people who took the bait of the media and EFX by thinking Orton could lead our team are responsible for some of this mess.  If you would have watched the last two years of Orton, you would know what his ceiling is and you would know that the media and EFX were looking at fool's gold.  I don't care how good someone looks  in training camp.  If the fans would have had a united front, maybe, you never know, but maybe Tebow could have played earlier.  I am thankful I am not as easily swayed as you guys.  I am thankful I don't ride the roller coaster of emotions that you guys do.  Some of the people who backed Orton for the last few games, including some of the leadership of MHR, should be taken with a grain of salt from here on out.  Sorry to be divisive, I just prefer leaders and not followers.  You people who took the Kyle Orton bait are followers, not leaders.   

6.  Man, is there any doubt that Willis McGahee is our MVP so far?  What a great fit for our system and what amazing vision.  I missed having a strong running game so bad.  It is too bad he is not a little younger, it could have been fun.  For now, I will just enjoy this season and hope he stays healthy.  

7. The no-call of pass interference yesterday was an abomination.  People are mad at the referees but they should also be mad at our coaching staff.  A properly operating coaching staff upstairs should have radioed the guys on the field and told them to protest the call and demand a review.  Sure, given the rules, there is a small chance that anything would have happened but there was still a chance.  If they are going to review all scoring plays maybe they should also start reviewing game-altering penalties.  What is it about Bronco-Chargers games that brings out horrific officiating?  

8. I am now fully on the Trent Richardson bandwagon.  Richardson, in my opinion, is the best running back prospect since Adrian Peterson.  I am against first round running backs 99% of the time but he is the exception.  Out of every player available in the next draft, nobody has the potential to change our team more than Trent Richardson.  He is a much better version of Willis McGahee.  I can't even fathom how intimidating a backfield of Tebow and Richardson would be.  There would be some major infliction of punishment.  My second round pick?  Mark Barron SS, but that is another story.  

9. It was good to see Von Miller benched for a while yesterday.  He needs to show as much of a commitment to coverage as he does rushing the QB.  I'm glad our coaches are holding players accountable.  There is no doubt that the McDaniels coaching staff would not have done the same.  

10. D.J. Williams was really exposed yesterday.  He seemed like he took a lot of bad angles, which is common for him.  Joe Mays absolutely crushed people again but he also missed a few big tackles.  Joe Mays has missed TONS of tackles this year and I think part of it is because he is so short and his reach isn't long.  I love Joe Mays and as hard as it is to say this, I think we need an upgrade at the MLB position.  Maybe we can trade D.J. Williams to Philadelphia for a 3rd.  Is that even remotely possible?   

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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