My my, how much can change in a day

I've decided to make my first fanpost as means to confess my sins as a devout Denver Broncos fan, for I have sinned badly MHR.

Yesterday, on game day, the Broncos were not a blip on my radar.  Never thought about them once.

Has my love for them faded, you may ask? Nope, still as strong as ever.  Am I imposing a boycott? Not intentionally.  It has been very difficult lately to be happy about what has gone on the last 18 months, but I will stay strong through the rough times as this team has brought many joys during my 25 years of fandom.  Have I been cheating on them?  Ummmmmm (looks around nervously, starts to whistle nonchalantly)

Okay folks, put down the pitchforks and fire bombs, and please note my avatar.  Yesterday was the official re-birth of the Winnipeg Jets, and as a damn proud Winnipegger, I took to the streets with the rest of the revellers and attended the game as a new season ticket holder.  Add to that my migrane that worsened as the day went on, and all I thought about to hit the bed as soon as possible.

As I woke this morning, and noted how much better I felt, it quickly dawned on me that yesterday was gameday and I had completely no idea if we had won or lost.  I also realized I had a fantasy team to look at, and tickets to check, but first things first, and lets see how our boys did.

Well, I went to CBSsports first, and was greeted with this:


If I were eating something at the time, I'm sure I would have had to clean it up off the floor!  What the hell did I miss, I asked myself.  So I went to MHR to see what kind of mayhem must have ensued at the game yesterday.  While I am still saddened by the loss, it was offset by the euphoria that FINALLY (hopefully) this team is now willing to realize they are in full rebuilding mode, and we can all accept fully the spot that it is in, and celebrate the growth of a young and budding team as it goes.

Of course not everything has changed.  I went to to find the highlights of the game, and found that the only Tebow 'highlight' they included was the failed long connection to Decker.  That was it, I am not making this up.  NFLN and .com both continue to push the "Tebow is garbage" mantra.  Out of the crew that spoke about it, only Deion was the voice of reason, he said that Bronco fans can now have hope.  I don't know what is more surprising to me, that NFLN continues its smear campaign on Tebow, or that I have considered Deion Sanders as the voice of reason.

As far as Tebow goes, man I hope Fox and co. will play to his strengths first, and try to add small layers of everything else that he needs to get better at to be a top 10 QB in this league as they go along.  Fox wants to put in the most sophisticated run game in the NFL? Well here you go sir, probably the best guy to have to get it done.  I know Tebow is a big boy, but so are the rest of the guys on the field and hopefully he doesn't take too many shots that would affect the ability to throw the ball well.  Either way, excitement will be returning to Denver Bronco football, and hopefully they will have more high profile games that will be aired in markets outside of Denver.

I think I may have come across as somewhat anti-Tebow on here as I have not been afraid to be critcal of him and have taken some people to task on how black and white they have viewed the QB controversy, and the coaches.  I will continue to do so, but I want Tebow to be here for the rest of his career, and heres hope it lasts 15+ years.  I don't buy the idea of putting him out there to see if we need to draft a QB high next year.  If this is what we are doing now, giving Tebow his shot, it needs to run at least till the end of next season, or pretty damn close.  He needs to have a full offseason to get better and develop.  I know its popular that gametime is what makes a player better, and I don't deny that, but it isn't coincidence that young players get better after offseasons early in their career.  Besides, this team badly needs to use that high draft spot to get an impact player, either at CB, DT, or MLB.  I would lean toward CB if one is good enough to take there as this has become a throwing league and those guys do not grow on trees.  If there is a position besides QB with a larger deficit of talent than CB, I do not know what it is.

October 9, 2011 will go down as the official re-birth of the Winnipeg Jets, but to me there were 2 sports franchises that were reborn yesterday.  I really feel like the Bronco fans will soon be experiencing the rushes of euphoria that they are used to having.  I just wish I were around to experience it yesterday.  Hindsight is always 20/20, but it is too bad the staff took as long as they did to realize that Orton will not take them where they want to go.  They just had to see it for themself, and I won't hold that against them, as it appears they have seen enough, and there are still 11 games left in the season.  It sucks because most people on here saw it way before, but I am thankful that these guys will exhaust every option available, and do it in the proper order.  It does seem like like 4.5 games wasted, but nobody can accuse them of leaving any rock unturned.

Okay this has gone on long enough.  Yesterday was a small blip in my Bronco faith, but I promise not to slip again :p. And I apologize if it is bad form to discuss another sports franchise on these pages, but I saw the connection as a powerful one.  Missing Tim take over was punishment enough I think.  I am celebrating the rebirth of a franchise, but it wasn't the one I thought it would be.  GO BRONCOS (and go jets go).

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