Mike McCoy fired as OC (Figuratively speaking)

Week five started out like each of the four previous weeks. Dull and unimaginative offensive sequences that resulted in more three and outs than points on the board. Willis McGahee provided a few exciting moments, but the Chargers defense had every passing play completely diagnosed and every receiver double covered to perfection. McCoy was more than content to continue running plays that gave no opportunity for our playmakers to make plays.

Kyle Orton was the perfect compliment to McCoy’s ‘bore them to death’ offense. Knowing his job was on the line, Orton struggled and pressed to make something - anything - happen. Orton, not a pressure player, threw bad pass after bad pass and compounded the injury with really stupid decision making. The harder he tried the worse he looked. Some time during the half time break, Kyle Orton’s career came to and end.

I was shocked beyond belief when Tim Tebow entered the game. It was a rather cruel trick the network played on all of us - showing Tebow trot out onto the field just before entering a four minute commercial break. Upon the return from commercial we found out that Tebow Time had not yet arrived.

Rich Gannon informed us all that Mike McCoy had spent significant time working with Tebow to shorten his stride, reduce his motion, and correct his footwork. We all got to see the effect of these improvements as five balls fell harmlessly to the ground. Tebow was working in the Mike McCoy offense, and looking every bit as bad as Kyle Orton.

Then it happened. It was sometime near the end of the third quarter or maybe the start of the fourth. McCoy was fired.

He likely still does not know that he was fired. The offense still lined up in the formations he had sent in. Right up until the ball was snapped everything still appeared as the play he had called. Once the ball was snapped, there was no longer a play book ... welcome to Tebow ball.

I first realized how significant the change was when the camera isolated on Tim Tebow and Brandon Lloyd on the sideline. They were working out, between themselves, the plays for the potential game tying drive. The near comeback was not engineered by McCoy, it was drawn up in the sand by the players on the offense. Mike McCoy must quickly adapt or become totally irrelevant.

Tim Tebow converted the locker room. This is now his team. Fox has let the genie out the bottle, it cannot be put back in.

My often stated preference was to sit Tebow this year and use the off season to help him correct some of his mechanical issues. For good or for bad, the future of the Broncos started on Sunday afternoon. Tebow will not be constrained or limited by Mike McCoy. Let us hope that during the past year and a half, McCoy has been planning for this day and use his experience to help elevate Tebow and help him capitalize on his play making ability. The old paradigm of pocket passing quarterbacks has just ran into a stone wall named Tim Tebow.

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