Chargers vs. Broncos: The No Bull Review

How excited is Broncos Country after this loss?  I for one feel quite a bit apprehensive, concerned, and yet on the edge of my seat waiting for our next game in a couple of weeks.  Barring an injury to Tim (knock on wood), we are done with the Orton Age.  Thank heavens!  Let's get to the game review and see what bull we can cut through:



  • Let's start with McCoy...dude if you don't pull your head out of your hind region we will finish the season 1 - 15.  Your play calling is just horrendous or the execution is terrible.  Either way you are in charge.  It falls on you to get us more than friggin 17 pts a game from our offense.  Take a Sharpie to those "bubble screens" in your play book for one.  For two, design some rub routes and teach our guys how to do them.  You have to scheme to get people open instead of running 3 routes spread across the field and expect our QBs to make something happen.
  • Allen on the other hand needs to be locked up as a Bronco for the next 3 years.  His play calling is finally getting aggressive and creative.  We have some serious talent weaknesses on defense, but the plays he's calling are money for the most part.
  • Fox you get some credit for switching QBs at the half...that took some really big stones that I didn't think you had in you.  I don't think you will, but don't be silly and put Orton back out there as long as Tebow is healthy.




  • Orton you stunk again.  The INT was awful (IIRC that's 1 awful INT / may just feel that way but I don't think so...).  I watched your press questioning after the game and I can tell you are hurting, but keep your chin up.  Also this isn't about Tebow.  It is about you.  Your personal performance led you to the bench.  You may feel a slight twinge as you head to the bench, but $)^& that...that is just pride messing with you bro.
  • McGahee is my hero.  I mean it.  If we had just a mediocre passing offense to compliment him, we'd be 3 - 1 (he wasn't starting the first game).  I really hope to see us progress offensively both in the play-calling and the QB play to see him get some serious recognition for what he is doing.
  • O-line was playing some solid ball...great run blocking and they did a solid job keeping our QBs clean.
  • So here's the point where I'm going to get flamed in the comments, but so be it.  This is the NO Bull review.  I'm not going to sugar coat a cow-patty.  I give Tebow a bye on this game for his passing...he probably didn't have many reps to prepare for this game, but dude, you have GOT to work on your throwing accuracy.  It was awful again except for 2 passes.  That is NOT acceptable in the NFL.  Throw it close to our WRs so they don't have to sell themselves out trying to bail you out for a poor throw.  Give them a chance to catch the ball on the run so they can really make something happen.  This game was just like his 1st pre-season game...his QBR was over 100, but that isn't the true story for his passing...the truth is it was a very poor passing performance.  I do think that having 2 weeks to prepare with his 1st string receivers will help this area.  But he has GOT to work hard on HAS to improve or he has no chance at being our future.  And I truly want him to be that.
  • Now for the positives on Tebow.  Dude wants it.  I love that in a QB.  I loved watching him late in the 4th.  I know he has that as he's shown it to us his whole life.  I am cheering as hard or harder than any other Bronco fan for you to succeed Tim.  Now get on the field and TAKE IT!
  • Knowshon showed his game on that screen pass...get this guy the ball in space with a couple blockers and he will shine.  I truly believe that.  I don't like his run game between the tackles at all.  Call sweeps for him, screen passes, etc.  Put him out in RB routes and he will shine.



  • Let me first off say that I am uber-thankful for this defense that we have.  Last year's defense would have let the chargers score 42 points easy.  This defense is gritty and scrappy.  I dig it and I look forward to getting some more talent in the next couple of years...we could be truly scary as in Baltimore scary.
  • The run game regressed this week.  From what my eyes saw it was for two reasons:  1) Doom wasn't holding up his edge well and 2) our LBs were executing poorly.  I'm actually hoping Doom's problem was his injury holding him back.  I think we need a better answer than Mays at MLB.  Yeah he brings the thunder, but as always with him, he's not fast enough either in thinking or physically to cover space well.  That shows up in his run defense as well as his coverage if you watch closely.
  • Vaughn is going to be fine I think...keep working and let the bad plays roll off your back guy.  You are doing a damn fine job for how young you are.
  • Carter needs to be more ready to play than he was.  He was the responsible for the long TD...he wasn't over top like he should have been.
  • I gotta say I love me some Ayers.  Dude was here all day long doing his job.  Dig it man...really dig it.
  • Loved seeing Rivers try to throw a crossing route on Bailey late.  Bailey made him look like a fool.  You should know better really should.


  • I know it is a bit lame to harp on the refs, but I will continue to do it because to me there was a ton of bull *$#^ that affected the game.
  • There is something horribly wrong with a game where you are the home team and the visitors end the game with 0 penalties.  I saw 5 they didn't call and I don't have near the view those guys are paid to watch.
  • The early offsetting personal foul penalties were correct calls.  What I have problems with was the 3 guys that piled on top of our guy after that...2 of them were actively hitting our player.  Both of those dolts should have been ejected.  Stay classy San Diego Raiders.
  • This has been noticed by others...but there was blatant PI (if the ball was in the air) / Illegal Contact on the last play of the game.  I know you don't want to affect the outcome of the game, but you can NOT let people get away with CHEATING.  That is just pathetic.

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