Sunday's Suprises

I can tell by the posts in my beloved MHR that we are all excited about the Broncos again!   Besides the "Tebow thing", Sunday's game provided a number of pleasant suprises  and left us all shocked and looking forward to the Miami game. 

1.  John Fox.  Conservative, play it safe, hard headed ("I am not going to let the fans tell me what to do" (paraphrased)) John Fox took a chance and risked the ridicule of the Major Sports Media, and the potential loss of his players confidence in him, by playing, and sticking with,  Tebow for the second half.  To a degree, he put his career on the line and rolled the dice.  I didn't think that Fox had it in him.  I thought (come on, we ALL thought) that we were destined to watch Orton as the QB until all hope was lost, and any change would come as the result of an injury or as a "last ditch" effort at the end of the season.  It is no secret that Fox is not a big Tebow fan, and he certainly didn't want to appear to cave in to fan pressure.  A gutsy call.  Even if the Tebow doesn't workout, I am now a John Fox fan.

2.  Robert Ayers.  Who was wearing the Ayers uniform on Sunday? During the lockout, I carefully re-watched all of last years Bronco games and went on record several times on this site labeling Ayers a complete bust.  "Couldn't play a lick".  I stand corrected - even embarrassed.  All year, he has been playing adequately, but he had a breakout game Sunday.  Dumerville drew a double-team on virtually every passing play  and it was Ayers that was consistently applying pressure up the middle and controlling his blocker on the running plays  His sack-fumble play was huge, and it was caused by Ayers' desire and "want to".  If he continues to play at that level, we may have found a diamond in our own back yard.

3.  Willis McGahee.  His play spoke for itself.

4.  Knowshon Moreno.  I know that he didn't play much, but he made a couple of great blocks late in pass protection, and did you see that touchdown run?  Pure "want-to".  McGahe has earned the starting running back job (a great performance), but there is certainly a place for Knowshon as a receiving and change-of- pace back.

5.  Tebow excitement!  Yeah, some of his passes stunk, some of his decisions weren't the best, but could you feel the excitement from the players?  Especially the defense?  This is what we saw and felt last year.  It is difficult to put into words, but sort of a grab your ..... (gutcheck?), we aren't taking this anymore, man-up and be counted feeling.   On the sideline, on the field, on the offensive and defensive lines - an attitude that we want to win, not just run the plays.  A complete change.  Exciting!



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