Orton hears a boo.

I know....the Dr. Suess reference is cheesy. (so don't slam me for it in comments)  But it was the best elephant reference I could come up with.  I got kids, what do you want?  Anyway, the point here is Orton is now the elephant in the corner nobody's talking about and needs to go...  

   Here's the thing,the FO had a deal worked out to trade Kyle Ortonary before the season and move on with the team's future, and like that guy you've been trying to get rid of all night he sticks his foot back in the door just as you're trying to close it and squashed the deal. (F***ing lingerer!)   He squashed it because he thought he could outperform the rest of the Broncos QB crop.  (or because he just wanted to spite the fans)  He showed up in TC and preseason and "earned his spot" but after his performancein the first 4 1/2 games it was clear to everyone he couldn't handle the pressure of backing up his assertion that he should be the Broncos answer at QB.  

   Now that all this has played out the way I think we all knew it would eventually, why would they keep him around.  Enough with the QB controversy already!  It's been a distraction way too long.  The rest of the team HAS to be fed up with it and tell me they weren't fed up with Orton too. We all saw how the team came to life when Tebow took the reins. This is exactly why Orton has to go.  We have decent depth at quarterback (at least good enough not to do worse than Orton) and he's only gunna mope around and drag down moral.  

  Tebow's teammates believe in him not Orton. They made that clear with their game play on Sunday and while Tebow will do fine with distractions and preasure on him some of the team may not.  Solution?  Remove the cancer. 

  Orton never should have tried forcing himself on us this year.  It just got creepy neck beard.  You're not that good and you put yourself under the micoscope with your decission to stay, so I can't even feel sorry for you.

  Truth is TT may very well NOT be the answer at  quarterback, but with all we've got wrapped up in the kid you have to at least let him steer the ship for a while and see what he can do.  Besides if he runs the ship aground, well it was already sinking right?  Then Fox can say "I told you so" and go throw the last 20 mil we have in salary cap at Jake Delohme to breath some life back into into the team. 

 One thing is for sure though; it feels a lot more like a Broncos game when the crowd is on their feet cheering to the last second of the game, instead of booing our QB after nearly every offensive series.  (Or where they Whooing?) sorry couldn't resist. 

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