The clock has struck 12 for Orton


It is now Tebow Time! I am a diehard Bronco fan here in Rhode Island. All they show here is Patriots games. But I make sure I see every game every week. I’ll spend ALL day at a sports bar just so I can see the game at 4pm EST. I’d spend tons of money every week so they wouldn’t kick me out of my booth. Luckily this year I got DirecTV and free NFL ticket. Finally I could watch the games at home. Unfortunately we start the season 1-3 and Orton is still our QB. It was halftime when I decided, I’d rather surf the internet than pay full attention to the game(which I’m sad to even admit). Orton was having a terrible game and we were getting beat down by the hated Chargers. At the corner of my eyes, I notice Tebow warming up. Huh? I couldn’t believe it! I’ve been a supporter of, “play Orton and let Tebow develop”. I never thought Fox had it in him to bench “the best chance to win”. I looked down at my watch just to confirm it….Tebow Time!

I immediately wrapped up everything I was doing and was right back in front of my 100+ inch HD projection. Excitement had started to build again. I even took a moment to think to myself, how united as fans we were that 4th quarter. I could picture the regulars here on MHR all cheering, clapping and jumping up and down in their homes in unison.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really liking our new defense. They’re just as much responsible for that comeback as Tebow. Unfortunately, we are still missing some pieces and are giving up a lot of yards. Giving up 23 points in the first half definitely doesn’t help. Love the thump Joe Mays brings, but waaaay too many missed tackles. Then again, They are definitely headed in the right direction.

Here’s a couple thought I took away from the game:

How excited are my fellow fans right now? 2 weeks for Tebow to prepare AND, here’s the kicker, a healthy Royal and both Thomas’ coming back to the offense! What? The stars are aligning for Tebow to jump start this season again.

I hear Eric Weddle trying to downplay what he just witnessed the "Tebow thing" do this weekend. He said they weren’t prepared for Tebow to play. Well guess what Eric, Tebow wasn’t prepared for the Chargers either. He basically had 0 reps in the practice leading up to the game. Now he has 11 games to improve. Along with a set of shiney new toys to throw to.

Orton deserves some criticism. He’s been the leader of this offense and where did it get them? Untimely turnovers and the same ol’ awe shucks. If this was 2010, we lose 39-13 with Orton playing the second half. That INT was just horrible. I believe he forced that ball because of all the pressure we as fans have been putting on him. He was once known for protecting the ball and throwing it away or even taking a sack. Now, he’s trying to throw it across his body and across the field to a man that’s covered while someone is pulling on his plant leg. He caved to all the talk of him always getting sacked and under performing in when the pressure is on. He just could not put points up. We can’t even get FG’s with him in the game. I drafted Prater in my fantasy league and he’s got the least points out of all the kickers. Orton was failing in fantasy too! He’s a broken man. He folded…

Glad Tebow has rhino skin! He went through a witch hunt over the preseason. 4th best QB on the team? How do you handle that? Everyone in the MSM was just lining up to tear down this man. Which is total BS! They were just regurgitating what the previous man said. No real analysis and research behind it. Just looking to generate page clicks. I’d love to see Dallas Clark rally the Colts from under center and almost pull a last second victory! Ridiculous! I felt bad for the kid. As an athlete, if you see your leader(QB) jumping up and down screaming and running down the sideline, it stands out to you. Now if you see your former starting QB clapping his hands like, “it’s what he should do”, that stands out too. Sure people lead in their own ways. I’ve played sports my whole life and I can tell you, it matters. Maybe subconsciously, but who would you rather go to war with and die for? Someone like Tim Tebow or Kyle Orton?

Give Orton 24 seconds at your own 20 yard line without any timeouts. Game is over. ZERO chance at that point. Most likely outcome is a sack. Now replace Orton with Tebow, and I’m in my house with 100% confidence Tebow will give us at least a shot. Let alone drive us from our 20 to the opponents 29 yard line in 23 seconds!?! WHAT?!? NO TIMEOUTS!!! That’s just crazy. But I believed. And that is where we are now. We have hope again. I have this feeling that Mile High Magic and the “Tebow thing” is building to something very special…2 weeks and counting

Go Broncos!

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