I'm going to pose a simple question here that I'd love to hear eveyone's thoughts on in a moment, but first, I'd like to give what I think is going to be a beneficial approach to bringing TIm Tebow along, improving his quarterbacking as a whole and yes, giving the team the best chance to win.

It starts with John Elway being a QB coach for one hour (or so) a day. John, Tim needs more than a former receivers coach now a qb coach, he needs a legend, and that's you.

Before I pose my question, let's look at a suggested "Understanding of Operation."

1. As described above - CALLING COACH ELWAY! John, what you do here in this regard will say volumes. Don't worry about toes. Your shoes are ultimately what we're looking to fill. If those shoes step on some toes, so what? We're better off for it, and no QB in the leaque could use the one on one coaching of a legend more that TT at this time.

2. Keep the following in perspective at all times... Tim Tebow is not a game manager. Tim Tebow is a weapon. Unleash the weapon. Release the Tebow. Design a base and game plan each week around TT's abilities and then develop it as he develops as a QB and games develop in general, much like Carolina is doing with Cam Newton.

3. Remember that as much as TT needs to DEVELOP, a more accurate statement would be that he needs to EVOLVE. As defenses scheme to his strengths, he should have by now EVOLVED, a little at a time, into a more traditional quarterback. As defenses adjust, so to should TT be evolving. Week to week. This is where the coaches earn their paychecks. If defenses start to shut down something (and they will) and you haven't prepared, anticipated, coached and evolved (coaches will need to evolve too), then you have failed as coaches.

So, with that said, here's the question...

What does TT need to do to prove to EFX that he deserves a full off season and another year (beyond winning his way out of the Luck sweepstakes).

Does he need to produce, say, a ..650 winning percentage, pass for 300+ 50% of the time, have a 4/1 TD to Int ratio, passer rating above 100 and total QBR of 80+? That's extreme, but is that what you see is needed?

Or does TT need to show passing improvement, snap under center, accuracy and understanding week to week? Is it enough to show that he is the quarterback that can definately be built around? Is that all he needs to do?

I'm hoping that's all he needs to do. One, because that would be fair and two, then we could quit worrying about the QB and start worrying about all those other holes that we still so desparately need to fill.

It's TEBOW TIME in Bronco's Country! But that time needs to be used well not only by TT, but by the entire organization.

What's your thoughts Bronco Country?

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