What if Tebow fails?

Let me preface this post by saying I am not hoping in even the slightest way that I hope Tebow fails. The notion that EFX is sick and tired of the fans chanting for Tebow, and are throwing him out there to prove to the fans that he isn't ready, is completely obsurd to me.

With that being said, we are 1-4 this far into the season. Playing devil's advocate a little, with 11 games remaining, what if we finish soemthing like 4-7 or 3-8. That would put us with 4-5 wins on the season and back in line for a pick somewhere between picks 3 and 6.

Assuming that Luck is gone (I dont see how he would possibly fall past 1 or maaaaaaybe 2) and Tebow performs decent, but not great, what do we do? Extrapolating his stats from the SD game over a whole game (very scientific I know haha) would put Tebow averaging somewhere between 150-200 yards, 1-2 TDs and another 50-75 yards rushing with maybe a TD, although I wouldn't bank on rushing TDs every game, even if the small sample size indicates otherwise.

Looking at the 3 games from last year

vs Oakland: 78 yards rushing 1TD, 138 passing and 1 TD

vs Houston: 27 yards rushing, 1TD, 308 passing, 1TD, 1 Int

vs SD: 94 yards rushing, 1TD, 205 passing, 2TDs, 2 Ints


The numbers certainly are decent, but what if in a larger sample size the numbers aren't so great, what do we do going into next year?

Proponents of Tebow will surely bring up the fact that there was no offseason to prepare and that he has been given a raw deal by EFX judging him based on 11 games and the 3 from last year.

Opponents will argue that 14.5 games (11 games this year, 3 last year, and second half of this past week) is enough to see that Tebow is nothing but a complimentary package player (if there is such a thing) and although will be a very serviceable backup and leader in the locker room, is not starting QB material.

Do we pass up on QBs like Landry Jones and Nick Foles (both of which I am personally very high on) and give Tebow another year with the offseason, OTAs, etc etc.?

Part 2 to that question is do you think that if given the opportunity, EFX would pass up on a QB in the next draft given the assumptions I threw out? I for one am not so sure they will.

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